Saturday, May 09, 2009

Crater Hop

After helping Maui Doug launch from Cactus on Thursday, I launched myself and followed Jeff and Jorge on a little hop from Makapuu over to Koko Crater.

There are good days and bad days to make that hop - I love the good ones, and I really hate the bad ones. Thankfully I had an advance guard to let me know this was the kind I like. The thermals over there were buoyant and plentiful, and we were able to ride them up over the crater and also out over the flats. Jeff made several attempts to return to Makapuu, as well as several low saves over the golf course, and after a while we all landed at Sandys next to Eddie's van, where he greeted us with cold refreshments. Thanks, Eddie! And thanks to Lana for the retrieve.

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