Monday, May 25, 2009

Temptation Island

Well as you all know we have lost one of our Monkeys to the Big Island (part time), aka Ike, Don, Spy Monkey. This Monkey is not a prolific writer because it may require some 'work' which he is highly allergic to, but boy can he talk and send pictures. This shot was taken over Captain Cook.

He's become one of the Big Island's top guns and is still trying to lure the Oahu Flying Monkeys to "Temptation Island". He is not boasting, but wants to share the epic flying he has been having. Granted, he does have the life, flies all day, 5 of the last 7, and hopes to be back at his Big Island home to see the NBA playoffs, which the Celtics have been glad to bow out of this year to give his Lakers a chance.

The propaganda from the Big Island has been stated to be epic. The Spy Monkey has cleared an area on his own lot and hopes it could be an alternative XC LZ. Several test flights from launch towards Kailua-Kona have been positive, and the hopes for that one special day are high.

No need for another "Oahu Outbreak" - passes are available upon request, but thermal proficiency is required.


Anonymous said...

Top Gun ? I Don't Think So!

Anonymous said...


Thom said...

Well the first anonymous comment was Don and sorry there should be a grammatical correction. "He's becoming one of the Big Island's top guns."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ike? Don? Spy Monkey?
What is this balderdash?
Said traitor is, was, and always will be SLACKER!