Friday, May 01, 2009

Zen Master

After a long afternoon watching lazily as the rest of us sweated and struggled to get up from the Kahana north ridge in the light north flow, patiently observing our sled rides and emergency toplandings, and helping Thom work on his kiting up there, our guru Slacker-San finally launched at the end of the day, effortlessly climbing out and crossing the bay to enjoy a peaceful and meditative twilight session in the air above Kaaawa.

There's a lot more to this story. Maybe I'll fill in the details if I get time later. Or perhaps Thom might care to contribute his perspective.

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MauiDoug said...

Thanks Thom for helping me untangle my failed launch attempt at upper north Kahana launch. It was nice to get some airtime, even if it was a sledder.

Thanks Zen Masters Alex and Don for your light wind inspiration. It was really cool seeing you both get so high in such light conditions (7 mph avg).