Monday, June 15, 2009

Mad Dog flies the Tracer

Mad Dog came out to Kahana on his bike and Ray loaned him his skinny comp wing. On our little XC trip, he consistently outglided and outclimbed me - probably the pilot, but the wing didn't hurt. It was the perfect time of day for dramatic lighting. We got high at the last ridge but decided to cut it short to Hauula Beach Park since I was late for dinner.


Thom said...

Does Dorothy have any classes for patience or are there any PSA meetings "Para Spouse Anonomous".

Alex said...

Ha ha. At around 5:30 I was up above Puu Piei with Mad Dog and I knew I should be landing any moment to get home in time, but he entreated me to fly downrange with him so sweetly, and the evening sunlight was so beautiful, I couldn't resist trying to sneak in a quick one. (It's never a quick one, by the way.) When I radioed over that I was willing to go, he was so moved that he replied "I love you, man" over the radio. So I guess even if Dorothy is pissed off it's nice to know Mad Dog still loves me.

But Dorothy was actually super patient about filling in for me until I got home - stopping at the store, picking the kids up from her parents, and then getting dinner started without me. I rushed back in time to take over at the stove and take all the credit for bringing it to the table. Not sure there's a class for that though.

MauiDoug said...

Great photos Alex!