Monday, August 31, 2009

HPA T-Shirts

Official HPA T-Shirts will soon be available!

$25.00 each (includes shipping)

E-mail Thom at

HPA Members - Pre-order price is only $15.00 if ordered by September 10, 2009


Thom said...

HPA members.
If you signed up on the sheet at P3's party considered it on order.
Anyone else will need Name,phone#,Size,quantity
Will let you know when printed.

Dave Z from Apple said...
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Dave Z from Apple said...


Very nice!
I've sent you an email to order one. Cheers.

Gravity said...

Thom make that 10 shirts for me.
8 Large, 2 XL.


AZ Chandler said...

I will take 2. Large
Chandler Papas
602 721 1635

Berndt said...

Put me down for one Large.


PS - I'm on the mainland right now but will be back one week from today!

Thom said...

Berndt & Chandler got you down. Will contact you when they are ready for payment and delivery.