Monday, August 10, 2009

Losing Paradise

The time is nigh for Lori and I. Mrs. Nightshift is very sad to be leaving our Hawaiian home for the last nine years. I have to admit it's very difficult for me too, even though I'm going back to a beautiful city and a great job in Vancouver. The good news is we'll be back in just over 7 years from now to settle down in Kailua for our retirement.

To send us off, Freddie Franco, a good friend and fellow kiteboarder, has offered to host a going away party for us at his beautiful Kailua home next Saturday, August 15, at 5pm. There will be an eclectic mix of people that I have met during my short time in paradise. Airline folks, kiteboarders, neighbours, and best of all: paraglider people! Freddie wants to meet all of you. He said, "Any friend of yours is a friend of mine."

His place is a little slice of heaven in Kailua. Bring your swimming gear and do the slide! "Cannonball Reaper" will be a star attraction! We're providing top sirloin and tuna from Freddie's company, Aloha Salads. And a keg of premium beer! All you need is your favourite side dish and the feast is set.

The address is 151 Alala Pl, 96734. Go past Buzz's. Take a right at the stop sign, go a hundred yards or so then it's left into the cul de sac in front of Lanikai Elementary. There will probably be no parking left so drop your date then go back to the stop sign, turn right up the hill and park in the field (on right) across from my house about a hundred yards up.

Be there!


Alex said...

I wouldn't miss any of your major milestone parties, Wayne! I remember what a great party you had when you and Jim turned 50 - no, actually I don't remember it, but I've seen pictures so I know I was there.

Count me and Dorothy in.

Bonkers said...

I wouldn't miss it for the world, Nightshift! I sure am going to miss you and Mrs. Nightshift and wish you didn't have to go. I hope you come back to fly with us often - the sky won't be the same without you. Also, I need some kiteboarding lessons! ;)

Have a good time in Vancouver; hopefully Reaper and I can come and visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie and I will come up and hang out with you guys when its not raining. LOL See ya tomorrow. Reaper

sandy said...

Sure wish I could have been there. I want to see the pictures. I'm looking forward to the Welcome-Back Party in 2016!

You will be sorely missed. Bon voyage and be well. Enjoy Vancouver!

- June

Tweety said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for coming to our party last night - it was a great turnout especially from all the paraglider pilots. We'll miss you all and Hawaii too, but Sandy is going to have a welcome back party for us in 2016 - so mark it on your calendars! (Thanks Sandy!) There will be more free beer (right Sandy?) - so I know Reaper & Bonkers (cute name!) will be there!
Love to everyone and thanks for making us feel so welcome here in Hawaii.
Tweety Nightshift

Christine said...

Oh no - I should have kept checking windlines even while being inactive. Missed your party Wayne and Lori.
Hope to see you Saturday at Bob's clubhouse for a farewell.