Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Heights

On Saturday, the day of Wayne and Lori's going away party, Oregon pilot Rick and I were lucky enough to be the first ones up at Kahana. We got to a record altitude of 3,100 feet over Puu Piei, way above cloudbase on a day with plenty of spaces between the clouds, and tried to cross the bay from there. I made it across but there was no lift over the Crouching Lion, so I raced back to launch, climbing back out to three grand again just as the wind got light and east down below.

The poor pilots on launch were all cursing us and turning off their radios in disgust, as they struggled to stay up in the weakening and increasingly easterly conditions at launch. Rick and I were oblivious to their bitterness, as we navigated our carefree route between the clouds, spending a leisurely hour or so working the waypoints between Punaluu and Hauula, and finally landing at Pounders in a nice light breeze. Thanks to Reaper for the ride back!

Jim and Jeff had started the day with flights at Makapuu before heading out to join us at Kahana. Visitor Jon came out, as well as Steve, Bonnie, Ginnie, Reaper, Berndt, Ray and Maui Doug. Fire Dave, Jorge, Nick and Joey flew Makapuu.


Unknown said...

Alex -

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for being my personal aerial tour guide on our XC to Pounders. Crazy scenery & terrain. Only thing missing was a fruity in-flight beverage and peanuts. Next time.

Oregon Rick

Anonymous said...

Looks like a phenomenal flight! Life is good. Must have been beautiful....Bravo!
Cali Rob