Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aloha from Chamonix

This is Mad Dog reporting from the Alps at the moment. Although Jeannine and I have been on the Honda Transalp for 2 months touring France, Italy, Spain, the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean, we are having a blast camping, hiking, and touring on the Moto. We are now in our same comfortable studio apartment in Chamonix Valley for the past 8 days, with fantastic weather for 2+ months now!!!

I wish so much that all of you could have been here with me in Chamonix Valley just like the last trip we all did here, the noon flight and Passy Valley at Plaine Joux for the afternoon flight for the past 8 days … I must have flown here enough times now, as I know every thermal generator up and down the Chamonix Valley, and also the Passy Plaine Joux Valley. I have been skying out, up to 3000+ feet above launch every day, and going x/c the full length of both valleys and sometimes twice up and down, just because!

The first 5 days we had blue skies w/no clouds and the past 3 days we had thermal clouds in the afternoon to suck you up to cloudbase, which is at about 10,000 feet. I flew in and out of the clouds with no problem going x/c cloud to cloud, up and down both valleys, up higher and on the huge granite walls and peaks on the sides of the valley. But the last 2 days the valley winds have picked up around 3-4pm, creating a very interesting landing as you may know from past experiences.

We extended our stay for a couple more days because I'm having the time of my life!!! Can't wait to come back and fly with all the great people we have in Hawaii. Hope the summer has been good for all of you all also. I'm returning on the 25th of September, ready to fly Hawaii!!!

I will have many nice Pics to show everyone when I return home.

Aloha from Mad Dog & Jeannine


firedave2 said...

Chris: Last time I was in Chamonix was September 2002, the weather wasn't great, but I still got in some amazing flying and climbing. I think I am due to go back. Have you landed on top of Mt. Blanc lately?

firedave2 said...

That is Fireman Dave above+

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog & Jeannine: Miss you both. Hope you have a great time! from thebeeman