Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short Window

I scored a lucky bay crossing in gentle northerly conditions at Kahana today. I met Scot out there for the early shift shortly after noon, and we hiked the north ridge and launched into very cross but workable flow. I got high as fast as I could and blazed across the bay, just barely squeaking over the Crouching Lion and slowly working my way up and over Kaaawa.

By the time Scot launched and got high enough to consider following, the wind had picked up and it was no longer possible to cross. I had really hoped I'd have some company over there, but sometimes the window just slams shut behind you like that.

Maui Doug and Harvey also hiked up, but they waited to launch until later on when the wind had backed off a bit, after both Scot and I were down at the LZ. Ray and Thom came out just in time to see the last two guys land, and by that time it was pretty strong again and not really worth the hike. Thanks to Scot ahd Harvey for the tasty refreshments.


JeffMc said...

Nice pics Alex - glad to see you got your XTI working!

Thom said...

Alex I know how it feels to be over there all alone, but you know we just don't get any sympathy.
Glad you got there, looks quiet the next few days