Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Clouds and Light

Yesterday I enjoyed a long day of flying at Kahana in beautiful light conditions with Ray, Jorge, Pete, visitors James & Lorie, Jeff, Jim, Scot and Doug. I wasn't really moved to go downrange, although it surely would have been a cakewalk. We tried to cross the bay a few times but without any luck. Mostly I was just happy to be flying on such a pretty day with a lot of great friends.


JeffMc said...

Alex - the article photo is very nice. James is gonna like that one!

Alex said...

Thanks Jeff. Another gorgeous day with my XTi out of commission. It's killing me. At this point I am giving up troubleshooting myself and I'm just going to take it in. Jorge things the shutter might be sticking.

Anonymous said...

James thinks it's awesome! Lorie thinks it's super-awesome! We don't get many photos of James since he's the one with the camera so that's why it's super-awesome! Lorie