Saturday, October 03, 2009

Greetz from Europe

Hello there, I wanna give you a short report from flying in Europe but first I wanna thank you for accommodating me in Hawaii! I really miss all you guys and of course flying in Kahana and Makapuu, too. 

After leaving Hawaii I flew back to Germany, but just for one day - because I wanted to fly in Croatia and Slovenia (I've never visited these countries before).

I packed my stuff and drove first to Croatia. After a few days of being at the Mediterranean Sea I travelled to Buzet located in the Julian Alps. Launching there was very easy (of course forward launching ;) ) and the view over Croatia and Slovenia was really cool - I enjoyed it totally. I never flew sooo thermic before, so I could got the thermal and after few minutes I was 1000 ft. higher :) However, it was exhausting to keep the altitude and I decided to landing because I wanted drove on to Slovenia.

I was lucky about the weather: sun, round about 80 ° F and a good forecast for the next days (weather in Germany right now: 50° F, rain). In Slovenia I stayed in Kobala. That's a perfect starting point for flying, because there is a Parataxi, which pick you up for driving to the launching areas according to the right wind and thermal conditions and giving advices, when you fly there for very first time like me. 

I did some flights in Kobarid and Kobala and tried to flying XC. Actually I failed because I stood after approx. 30 minutes at the landing area (by the way a huge field) but I really learned a lot for the next flights in future. 

So, after few days in the mountains I drove on to Oktoberfest in Munich and enjoyed German beer ;) That was a really cool conclusion for my adventure in Eastern Europe!

Greetz from cold Germany,



Alex said...

Hi Jule, thanks for sharing the story of your Slovenian and Croatian trip with us. Keep us posted on your further flying adventures. We hope to see you back here one day soon!

firedave2 said...

yeah Jules, Slovenia is supposedly excellent, unfortunately when I went a few years ago all it did was rain. Though the week before that in the Dolomites was all time epic.

Jule said...

You will me see sooner then I expected ;) it will be this year..

Jule said...
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