Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Six straight days

Over the past six days I've shared some great flights and many tasty beverages with lots of great friends. But I've been lax about sharing stories and pictures on the web site. To get me caught up, I've compiled an executive summary of each flying day, as well as one long slide show of all the pictures I took.

1. A memorable 3 minute thermal flight at Tantalus on Wednesday, featuring a lucky low save halfway to the road, followed by a hasty top landing moments before the cycles shut down for the day. Enjoyed a nice debriefing with Jorge, Don, Thom and Ginny.

2. A rare voggy and squirrelly sea breeze flight at Kahana with Doug on Thursday, after which he kindly picked me up at Ching's Store in Punaluu. Thanks Doug!

3. An unexpected and sweet sea breeze soaring session at the Makapuu lighthouse with Don, Jeff and Thom on Friday, after driving through pouring rain to get there.

4. A long stellar day of paraparkour at Makapuu on Saturday, as the trades tried to fill back in and shoo away the vog. Happy Birthday to Ginny! Great to see such a big crowd out there: Reaper, Joey, Jeff, Jim, Don, Thom, Maui Doug, Mad Dog, Sharky, Chopper Dave, Ginny, Jorge, Dave, Tommy, Tim, Mike Benson, and other important folks I'm probably forgetting to mention.

5. A wet but fun day flying the shearline at Kahana on Sunday, dodging squalls with Thom, Jim, Ray and Pillel, and dashing across the bay for a landing at Swanzys in front of a monster rain cloud.

6. Two bay crossings in very northerly trades on Monday, with a top landing in between. Jim made it over the bay for the first time ever, and we flew to Kualoa and back, chased by a monster squall the whole way. Mad Dog, Maui Doug and Joey also flew, and Jeannine was there as well. Thanks to Mad Dog for the refreshments!


Alex said...

7. Flew with Scot, Jim, Mad Dog, and Pillel at Kahana, scratched in light north conditions. Scot caught some thermals and got above 2 grand several times, but I maxed out around 1,800 only once. Scot said it was his best thermalling day ever at Kahana. But we darn near almost killed Mad Dog today, making him hike up, launch with a compression, topland, get all snagged up at mid launch in weakening winds, and finally launch off hours later in no wind at all for a fast sledder to the beach. On a day when he could have been soaring Greenwalls with Thom and Doug! He said it was his worst Kahana flying day ever. We really gotta start treating our old timers better than that. I bought him some refreshments as a token of consolation.

Thom said...

7. Makapuu Chapter.
I was in Kahala and with light winds reported out of Kahana fiugred go around the log way through MPU. Was met there by Maui Doug. We launched from Crazy in 8-11, Manics had gusts to 21

We flew to the begining of Green Walls and Chickened out went back to playground, 2 hours later we landed to re-fuel

2nd Flight I launched after Dave, Jorge from Manics followed by Don & Jim, who ventured from Kahana and commented that this was too easy here.

Went to end of Green Walls, visited white room and came out near Olomana. Jorge called in some directions but after the white room I headed back to playground. 1 hour flight, landed and went to work at 5pm

Larry, Reapers student launched, then McStalker, possibly, then Nightstalker, I left and roll call may have continued.

firedave2 said...

6 days? I think jetflap did 30+ at one time.

Alex said...

Thanks for the report Thom - sounds like you guys had a great day out there.

Dave, six days (well, seven now) is not anyone's record, not even mine - it was just a way to share a lot of pictures and stories all at once. I think the longest I've gone is 21 days, and I remember that the first unflyable day at the end of that marathon was sort of a welcome relief.