Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back on (the) Horse

After two weeks out of town, and another blown out week after I got back, I was really needing me some horse. Today I'm officially back on it. Thanks to Jeff for noticing that the wind had backed off a bit at Kahana, and thanks to the two Mauis, Jon and Doug, for joining me out there.

It started out strong and north, but pleasant enough, as long as I stayed low and out front. I had fun throwing my wing around the north ridge, and I managed a few top landings and touch-and-goes. However, by the time Jon and Doug joined me in the air, the wind had regained its nuclear strength, and I landed soon afterwards, with a couple hours under my belt.

Reaper, Mad Dog and Blub-blub had been working on a roof in Punaluu and joined us after the flying. Thanks for the tasty high-octane drinks, guys! And I finally got to meet some of the Jacksonholians: Cade, Loren, and Becca. They flew Makapuu today (and yesterday too!) before coming out to join the fun at Kahana. I heard they towed Becca up to soar the trees after I left.


Unknown said...

wheeeee, super strong and fun. Sorry Alex, as I almost drifted back onto you a few times when throwing down. The ride back deep was fun, and I need every lack of square meter and speed bar to get back to the beach.

Becca killed it with the tree top soaring and we used both my kite bars to tow her up.

Good fun, Jon

Mad Dog said...

Great to see our fearless leader back home in Hawaii & having fun.

MauiDoug said...

Alex I have some spectra line for your speedbar. I will bring it to the meeting. Good to see your yellow and white horse riding again. Welcome Back!