Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Makapuu Beach Workday, Tue Dec 1, 8 am-3pm

Wilson Ho, the chairman of the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board, is asking for our help with a project to fix up the restroom at Makapuu Beach. So far we have a commitment from Dave Goto and his construction company, the hang glider pilots, and Reaper and me. Please comment below and let us know if you can spare some time for this community effort. Thanks!

Malama O Waimanalo

Aloha Neighborhood Board members and Waimanalo residents,

In one of our recent Board meetings, Kawika Eckart, a Lifeguard at Makapu’u Beach told the community about the deplorable conditions at the Beach park: the disrepair of the restroom roof, the peeling paint, the dried plants and vegetation and the overgrown weeds. He was concerned because this park is the first place that visitors see when they come to Waimanalo.

We hope to change this vision and support Lifeguard Eckart to repair and improve conditions at Makapu’u by repairinig the roof, painting the building, cleaning the weeds and planting new greens. We understand that getting permits from the City is a long process of paperwork and we hope the community will help us “to take ownership of the area in which we live and give visitors a beautiful welcome view of Waimanalo.”

Our official work day is Tuesday, December 1st and we hope that you could join us in this effort. We will coordinate this project and work with the supervision of Wilfred Ho, Windward City and County Parks director.

Our Contractor “in-charge” is DAVID GOTO of Goto Construction, Inc.

Project Support
• We plan to start at 8:00 a.m. and complete the task no later than 3:00 p.m.
• We hope to secure roofing materials from RSI Roofing Supply and others.
• We have received positive responses from roofing professionals who bring great skills for the project.
• We will have supporting landscape and painter help from students at Job Corps Hawaii.
• Rosina and Wilson Ho will supply paint for the restrooms.
• Hardware Hawaii will assist with painting supplies for the project.
• We have received a donation from Gloria Bridal to help with snacks.

Donations and supplies needed
• We hope to receive donations of low maintenance plants that will grow in the salt-air conditions from Waimanalo nurseries. If you have contacts, we would appreciate your help.
• We hope that Andy may have a truck available to pick up donated plants, soil and materials.
• Bring picks, shovels or weed wackers and work tools to help landscape the area.
• Debbie, a City worker, will bring gloves and garbage bags from the City.
• The Hawaiian Hanggliding Assn. and the Hawaii Paragliding Assn will send volunteers.

We appreciate all of the positive responses we have received so far. Thank you everyone. We start in one week.

Please contact Wilson (429-3992) or Rosina (429-4980) also at 259-7200 if you are able to support the Waimanalo community in this effort. You can also contact us at wilsonkekoaho@yahoo.com.

We hope to hear from you,
Wilson and Rosina Ho


Brazilian Ray said...

It is time to make a difference!!! Let's jump on it and show our support and respect for the community. hopefully we can also fly after 3:00pm ;)

"Bob would go!!"

I'll be there and hope to see you too

malama da aina

Brazilian Ray

Anonymous said...

I will request that day off of work so I can do as much as I can to help as well. I hope to see a lot of our paragliding family out there, too.

~Bon Bon

Thom said...

I will be there to Alex, do we need to bring any equip.?

Be there at 8 and wing at 3.

firedave2 said...

I'll be there, and I think Jorge will as well. What tasks and equipment do we need?


MauiDoug said...

Count me in. I'll bring my anti graffiti paint brush!

Jase said...

Visiting for the week and would to help out and get my first opportunity to fly there. Jase. 360-606-2102

Gravity said...

I'm doing the roofing and maybe Bonbon and Jorge can help me with nailing new shingles... I have all the equipment necessary. I will also bring my generator, compressor, ladders, etc.