Friday, December 11, 2009

Lucky Last Flight of the Year

After some morning flights at Makapuu, a bunch of folks came out to Kahana to join me for my last flight of the year before I leave to spend the holidays in DC. The sea breeze was light and easterly, but we sure made the most of it.

Thom (aka Side Hill, or Slutty Ho), Jim, Cade, visitor Nate and I ran up for the first shift, joined soon after by Alan G., Bonnie and Reaper. Jim flew his new Axis Venus 2 for a maiden voyage. I think it has magical powers. Jim and Cade crossed the bay and landed at Swanzys. An amazing feat on such an easterly day. I tried to go with them, but I chickened out and retreated at the last minute. Jim said Cade toplanded at the very top of the tallest ridge behind the fire station before relaunching to hit the park.

I toplanded at low launch, hiked back up to upper launch, got high again and flew downrange with Nate. I got a lucky thermal at Punaluu and ditched Nate for the Hauula ridge, which was working better. Nate landed at Chings, and I continued on to Pounders. Thanks to Jim for the retrieve. Thanks to Nate for contributing to the beverage purchase.

When we got back, Berndt and Maui Doug were making the last flights of the day. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and make it such a fun day. See you all next year!


Anonymous said...

Alex have a good trip, Jim congrats on the cross with Cade, congrats on the other XC trips, I am jealous, but was glad to be the sacrificial sledder.

Oh Alex the aka Skyalis Ho would be more preferable although when it comes to a chance for an XC I am a slutty ho.

Ok now lets get some, and keep Alex entertained.

Waianae Jim said...

Thanks for taking the short ride Thom, although I think you may have been able to make it up. My new glider performed beyond my expectations, since I got a bit low to start off by heading right over to North ridge. When that didn't pan out I ran back to the normal ridge and worked the light stuff up from down by low launch, which was a nice surprise, getting a good feel for how deep in the brakes I could fly the new machine. The glide of the new toy really impressed me, being able to make it to Swanzy's on an east day was rewarding. Had way too many frosty beverages to celebrate though.