Monday, December 21, 2009

Site Improvements

Attention all Monkeys, we have some down time coming up. Lets do some hiking with our packs, but without the wings and harnesses, I know Ludicrous. Instead may be some tools, twine and ropes. If any one has anything on their wish lists for the trails or shelters on the launches lets get some blogs below.

Before any site improvements are initiated we should run them through the Board for approval and or for any Environmental Impact type things.

It's maybe time to give our trails and launches some Christmas Presents:
  • Possibly a few more ropes along both Kahana trails for us older, less agile monkeys.

  • There is an old spool of barb wire on top of Kahana's North launch that really should be removed.

  • Alex & I talked about some discreet shelters, lashed under the trees on both launches for those wet para-waiting sessions.

  • I think Makapuu will be on stand-by until after the construction there. But any LZ things needed? Maybe a target in the parking lot or some non skid on the lookout railing?? hehehe.

  • TAN needs some ground work but that will have to be on the down low, Got to get Reaper to get us some C&C shirts again.
Maybe there are some launches that have not been discovered? Dave & Cade seem to be always finding some place to huck off (nice video Cade, by the way!) JeffMc has been eyeing of few peaks on the West Side.

These are just ideas to get the juices flowing and a reason to ride coolers at the end of the day or in the middle or at the beginning. Try to leave your gear at home too, so we won't get tempted. My wife will be locking mine in the closet with a time released lock to be opened on Jan 2 at 12 noon.

Ok, Monkeys - no Sky-alis or Flyagra for 240 hours, but we could divert our attention to some overdue items and still have alot - and I mean I will need alot - of TORPEDOS.

Please blog in some thoughts, availability, access to or places to get ropes.


Unknown said...

IF part of my understanding is correct, one of the reasons that we have the Nanakuli permit was that we agreed to do a presentation for one of the local schools. I am more than willing during my time off from work to help put one together. I think that it must be done in a timely manner, or we may even lose the permit. Generally speaking, what would be great, we could put this together and whenever we decided to do outreach, the presentation would be already done. We just need to improvise the rest. We have many talented members in our group and I am sure we could piece something together that would be very professional looking well as educational. It is a great sport and we will make/get out of it what we put into it.
We also could go up there pretty discretely and move some of the rocks around, cut some of the bushes and make it a decent launch area.

Mad Dog said...

Can the club buy green mesh to blend in & cover our most used launches, KNA uppers / Lowers / N. launch. When we trim careful to pick up & toss debree downhill not to get later tangled in lines launching.
For this winter a NAN bush run sounds great at all lower / mid / upper launches on dump & school sides since we have the time, maybe green mesh on just mid at NAN. Just big enough for wing to fit.

Puka Wai said...

Great idea Thom! I was thinking that leaning ironwood at KNA could be cut down to make some logs to make some steps at the upper end of KNA east launch where it has already been eroded down about 2 feet. Steps would slow down further erosion there. Grass on the launches there would be great but I don't think it would get established in that soil there. Count me in on whatever, as long as its not on regular workdays. I know that slackers that fly all the time don't really understand the concept of regular workdays... jus sayin'

Alex said...

Site improvements are a great idea - I appreciate you guys trying to find something constructive to do during the enforced downtime. Please keep in mind DLNR prohibits ANY modification to terrain or vegetation in its State Parks (like Kahana), enforced with hefty fines, so if we want to do anything there we'll need to be sure and clear it with them first. But I do like all your ideas - let's see if we can't put together a proposal to DLNR. I think we could go ahead and put more ropes on the trails anytime.

Also, we all need to remember that everything on this website is totally public (and searchable by Google and other search engines). You can't say that you're thinking of doing something on the "down low", because once you post it here it's no longer "down low" at all! I know sometimes this seems like our private discussion area but it's more like a public bulletin board. Let's focus our posts on stuff we're happy to share with the world.