Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Torck-ing Day At Makapuu

With just a few closing hours to fly before the TRF arrives I awoke early & headed to Makapuu for my 3rd flight on my new Sol Torck. NNW at 340 degrees & cranking 20+ at Manics only Cade could get off there with his 18 meter wing as Scot, myself & a nervous John from Florida went to Crazies to huck off into the wild blue yonder with the swirling winds of the basic very North kinda day we all know & love so much.

Gave John the site guide & Scot showed him the way, an easy up, I was up next & last words to John, it's easy, don't be nervous just pull, kite, & go when it loads up! Up & away I went while watching another outer island John getting sucked over the gap & landing in the back parking lot at Manics. I gainning a quick one grand at light house side watching Florida John launch with no problem. Scot & I headed to Ironwoods & went around the corner far from the venturi, we easily soared to Puu O Kona & around the corner more to Green walls.

After a short stint cruising the Green walls a nice huge cloud street was approaching us so we headed out from the main ridge as to not get sucked up into the white room, but we were in big time lift on speed bar & moving quickly away from the Koolau's. Said to Scot lets head for Lanikai! Half way there in & out of the whispies I seen Scot get a nice Asy collapse & I move more to the side of the cloud street after that. Was now past Olomana golf links & 3/4 way up Bellows runway when the Beautiful street came to a demise... Clear blue & on glide now.

I know I should have pressed on because I had Lanikai made, but work & the new job was calling & I had to turn down wind & head back to a closer LZ. On glide from 2000 feet I cruised casually to Waimanalo Beach Park & touched down there, Scot LZed at the Polo fields & as soon as I was packing Doug Hoffman arrived to talk story & bail Scot & I out with a ride back to Makapuu, many big mahalo's Doug & great to see you back by the way. Plenty pilots looking for their fix on our arrival back but the strong North conditions sent them looking elsewhwre I think as I rushed off to work. Did I mention I love my new wing!!! My first Comp 2-3 glider & very stable & comfortable so far, the glide upwind is rediculous & easy.

Tomorrow is our last day to fly for a bit & yes I'm off work & will be there early hoping to go far...Mahalo for listening to my babble & axcitement.

Aloha Mad Dog

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Anonymous said...

Yes I was very nervous! I had great instruction and support from local pilots. Thanks. Wish we had more days to fly.