Friday, January 15, 2010

Wow! Monkeys: 16, Visitors: 11

Visitors almost outnumbered the home team, and it took the late shift to tip the scale back in our favor. We had pilots from Canada, Japan, Oregon, California, Arkansas and the Big Island scattered on east launch, and I had the privilege of being launch patrol for a good number of them.

An unusual winter day with winds so east that hiking down was usually the best option, but for some reason, it worked for some while forcing a sledder on others.

Mad Dog, who is taking over with his new Torck as the prolific XC Monkey (at least when Doug is not in town), could not decide if he wanted a bay crossing or an epic trip behind the back of Sacred Falls, so he did both. Only the burden of work kept him and One-Eye from making an attempt to Makapuu Goal, so they opted for Hauula Beach Park, while Alex and Canadian Charlie flew to Pounders.

When I arrived at launch, there was not one local monkey to be found, until I spied Larry. Jayson had Natalie make an attempt out of low launch, and "Over the Back Nat" made a great save and toplanded to try again, and then got up great. Jayson followed with a few other Canadians (sorry, lost count), Peter from Oregon, Harvey from SF, Big Island pilots Eric, Peter and Jim, and a Japanese pilot, Suguru-san. They all flew off, some went up, some went down.

I finally launched, leaving Maui Doug and One-Eye on launch, with others coming back up for first & second tries. The east winds were trying, but I managed to get up and out. One-eye got up and said it was time to go, so I followed him to an awesome view of Sacred Falls, with a great landing at Hauula Beach Park. One-eye's 2nd trip of the day.

The late session XC by Joey and Maui Doug to Hauula followed by McStalker to Hauula and Berndt to Pounders gave the home team XC points, but Suguru-san put on some amazing flying with low saves and acrobatics to even the score.

Just an awesome day with a great gaggle of fliers. Let's Do It Again.

Jim's pictures are linked at the top of the story. Alex's are below.

A photo of PMac (Canadian Paul McLennan) taken by his wife Linda.

If anyone else took photos, send a link and we'll include them here.


Alex said...

Great writeup, Thom! Thanks for all your hard work today. You are one big reason our club has such a great reputation among visitors.

My final count differs from yours, so I edited your title. I put Jayson and Natalie on the home team, since they own a condo here now. And I think Larry from Arkansas counts as a local too since he's always staying with his son in Kaaawa. Let me know if you think I'm wrong about that, or if I'm missing anyone, or if I got the flight count wrong for anyone.

Locals: 16 pilots, 21 flights

Mad Dog, Jim (2), Thom, Larry M, me, Reaper, Bonnie, Arkansas Larry, Jared (3), Mike (3), Maui Doug, Joey, Jeff, Berndt, Jayson, and Natalie.

Visitors: 11 pilots, 13 flights

Charlie, Lee, PMac, Hans, Audrey, Harvey, Suguru-san (2), Oregon Peter (2), Eric, Big Island Peter, and Big Island Jim.

Alex said...

Just remembered that I toplanded, so that's two flights for me. I guess Natalie gets two as well, by that measure. So that's 27 pilots and 36 flights in a day. Wow.

Mad Dog said...

Great write up Thom! It was a first for both One Eye & I... The farthest back to the Main Range from Sacred Falls 3/4 of the way. Wow today was just like you & the rest of the Club, Absolutely Incredible!!!Hope everyone joins La Peste & I at your house Sat. night for our wedding party.
Aloha Mad Dog

Thom said...

Thanks for the edit Alex I was beat and went to sleep early. Now I am up at same time as Jim, 4 a.m. ouch.

Also thanks for the retrieve from Haula. That was only my 3rd time down there but first time so high over Sacred Falls.

Our thoughts are with you, Dorothy and the family today, I may not be flying either Donna has an appointment and I will have the kids.

See everyone else at my house Sat. for Chris & La Pestes' Reception.

We just have the best fun, don't we.

Waianae Jim said...

Thanks for the excellent write up Thom. And thanks Mad Dog for continuously helping me to explore & expand the limits of my flying potential. It was an amazing day.

Waianae Jim said...

Oh and for the record it doesn't look like you counted Jared and the skydive crew.

Waianae Jim said...

or at least one more skydiver (mike's friend)

Bon Bon said...

and jared had like 6

(at least 4)