Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Bay Crossing

25 pilots flew at Kahana yesterday, in light north thermic conditions like the day before. Many pilots went to the beach during the lighter cycles, and most of them made it. By the end of the day many had soared high and long, and five made it across the bay.

Congratulations to John on his first soaring flight at Kahana! Congrats on first Kahana flights also to Hickham Mark and Carlos. Congrats to Bee Man Mark for his first flight. And congrats to Nick for his first bay crossing! Congrats to Scrappy on his first tandem bay crossing. And finally, sincere condolences to Rich on his dunking - hope the gear rinses out okay.

We had lots of visitors again - Yama-san and his crew came out again, as well as Stu and Bets from Seattle, and Gary and Laurel from the Big Island.

After Scot and Nick made it across the bay with Yama-san, they left me with only the lightest scraps of thermals at Kahana. I struggled for about an hour to hook into something decent, finally getting just high enough to limp across and find them. They were already returning from Kualoa when I joined them above Kaaawa.

I was coaxed to land down at Swanzys by Thom and Donna who were at Uncle Bobo's with Jim. After I landed there Robert gave me a free sandwich, as well as a nice cold beer, and even some wine. They were partying it up down there. What a great way to end a flight.

At the very end of the day, Scrappy made it across in his tandem with Jen, landing at Kualoa frozen solid like popsicles. Yama-san took off towards Makapuu with his crew chasing him - I wonder if he made it??

I had a most memorable birthday full of flying, friends and foamy beverages. Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Hilo Ken: Hello Alex, I am sorry I didn't know it was your birthday yesterday. Happy belated birthday!
Just wanted to say that and to add it was good to see Mark Anderson from Hickam out flying it was his first flight in Hawaii. He was glad to get the cobb webs off his wing and I think you will be seeing more of him in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking out for me Alex! And thanks to everyone for helping me get up and stay safe! Really owe you Thom!


Alex said...

Yeah, Ken, sorry I forgot to write about Mark's flight, and Carlos as well! So that's two more first flights there. I hope to see all you guys out there more.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I think you meant John 'Duck' Mallard's first Kahana flight. He did great, got high and flew with the gaggle, Good job Duck.