Thursday, February 25, 2010

Early Birds

Fifteen pilots showed up to fly over the course of the day at Kahana today. It turned out to be one of those days that rewards an early start. The forecast had augured increasing trades, but the day started out beautiful and sunny with a light north breeze, so I ran out early to see about some bay crossing. And I have to say I was pretty excited to try out my new wing.

Ken was already in the air when I showed up around 11, but he landed as I was getting ready to hike, because of some riser twists. Thom arrived and we ran up the hill, followed by Ken for his second go, and NJ Alex joined us shortly after that.

The direction was sort of north, but not so much that it seemed like a good bay crossing day. It was also pretty strong up there - you could go into the back but it was pretty slow coming out, and it was too strong to consider a downrange mission. It wasn't hard to get high above the front of the hill though, so we tried for some of those bay crossings I'd been dreaming about.

It took me quite a few tries, but finally my new wing showed how well it could slice through a headwind, and it delivered me a few feet in front and above the Crouching Lion. From there I slowly worked my way up, but not more than a few hundred feet, and I found myself parked, facing into a strong and swirly easterly headwind. Rather than tuck in tight to the bowls behind the upwind ridges, I decided to play it safe and I made a wide retreat around and down to the LZ, where I saw that the second shift was gaggling up for the hike. After some sweet tree soaring, I landed my trusty new steed, and I was soon joined by Ken and Thom.

After that, the wind picked up a bit, and swung east to tempt everyone (except One Eye) to the east ridge, and then it swung north again, and it began to drizzle. Reaper got off with Bonnie's brother in law John, followed by NJ Alex for his second session, and Mad Dog, and Scot. One Eye had an easier time from the north ridge. But it was strong and drizzly and people didn't stay up long. Scot came down and enjoyed an epic tree soaring session.

Great to see everyone out there on such an interesting day. Ken, Thom, NJ Alex, Mad Dog, Maui Doug, Jack, Reaper, Bonnie and family, Duck, Scot and family, Ray, Larry, Jim, Jeff and family.

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Anonymous said...

It was a good flight, I am still a little edgey getting near the tops of the ridges but I think I will get over it, just need more flights, an honor to fly with the Legend Airborne and the Prez with his newly reconned Magic .......lets do it again.