Thursday, February 18, 2010

Makapuu Beach Clean-Up: Part 2

On Monday, February 22 at 8:30 a.m., we will be doing the second phase of work at Makapuu Beach Park. Kawika Eckhart and the lifeguards, the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board, other volunteers and Hawaii Paragliding Association members will finish clearing the naupaka plants and painting, along with minor roof repairs on the lifeguard shack.

Last time the paragliders made a strong showing and contribution to the long needed repairs at the bathrooms, a new roof, pressure washing, painting and landscaping were all done and much appreciated.

If you are available, work starts at 8:30, come work, lunch and refreshments are provided, have a good time giving back to the community for all the good we get from the place. See you on Monday!


Thom said...

Count me in Dave.


PS hows the shoulder.

JeffMc said...

Mahalo to everyone who was able to help last time, and for those than go go on Monday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to come out due to work - and I regret having to miss the oppurtunity to contribute to such a great cause.

One question/suggestion though - the new paint is nice and all, but any chance someone will install DOORS on the bathroom stalls?


Alex said...

Jeff, I think this time the focus is not on the bathrooms but the lifeguard tower and the naupaka. Not sure if I can make it but I'm gonna try.

firedave said...

Jeff, funny you should bring that up. Part of the work is to finish painting the inside of the men's bathroom. Kawika said that there are plans to put door on the stalls and possibly a gate to lock it up at night.
The other work is for the lifeguard shack, not the tower,sorry for the misunderstanding.