Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wind Dummy for a Day

A beautiful day to chase it in Hawaii! We had southeast wind and sun to start us off at my old launch above Kalama Valley, the one we used to call Mad Dog's. Thomas, Scot, the Japanese contingent and I all went up for a look see, and we all thought it was good and doable, but they all gave me the "looks good, you go first" theory. Since it was my old site from 14 years ago, I agreed.

After my first couple of attempts to kite it a bit, the Far East contingent probably thought we were crazy to try and get up from such a wild place we call a launch, barely big enough for the wing to fit. A failed first! Mahalo to Scot and Thom for getting me back on track and up the hill again, now our visitors knew we were crazy! The next pull up was good, and off I went, a few passes at launch level and I hooked a good one, as this is a thermal only site, and I climbed out to now make it look great, at 600' over. Thom offered the visitors the chance to launch next but they graciously declined. 20 minutes of good soaring and it was down to the LZ in the park for me. Met Da Boyz at Sandy's for a beverage or two and some relaxing.

Untitled from Thom Therrien on Vimeo.

Now it was time to motivate again, as Jorge communicated that Tantalus was looking good, and he would be off work soon, and Jim was also on his way there. So I arrived behind Scrappy and Jim who gave me another "looks good, but a little SSW, so you go first!" Feeling good about my earlier flight, I took to the hopefully friendly skies and yep, beep beep beep, luckily up I went to 1700' over launch at 2700' altitude. Thom was now on his way up, and I heard him on the radio, saying Scrappy was bombing out on the road, so no one else tried to make it work, as I glided in zero's across Manoa Valley to a position above St. Louis Heights. Cruising there for a while, I never really got any good hits, so I went across Palolo Valley low, and got nothing on the Wilhelmina side, so I went in after almost an hour to the LZ at Palolo Park and swimming pool.

It was a very nice day overall, especially after Thom picked me up at UH and gave me a lift back to Tantalus lookout, where I had a couple cold refreshments in the cooler, so we enjoyed them reflecting on a perfect setting sun.

Aloha, Mad Dog


Alex said...

Mad Dog, you are truly blessed. You have been scoring the best flights of the day for quite a while now. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Thanks for keeping the website rolling with your stories and pictures. One day soon I hope to be over the hump with my current workload and I can join you guys out there chasing it. Maybe on Thursday when you're off next!

Thom said...

Mad Dog put some pics on the chat from Mad Dog Launch. Video should be there by a.m. You are one lucky Dog

Mad Dog said...

Mahalo Alex for your help getting my pics on there, I now know how so I can do it next time. See you in the air soon King!

Thanks Thom for adding the pics & show from Mad Dog's launch, its been years since we've flown from that site. Nice music.

Nick said...


Loved the music...so perfect for the occasion. Maddog, you got mad skills bro.