Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bay Crossing, Big Island Style

Since the enactment of the "Duck Pass" has made bay crossings at Kahana an everyday occurrence, writing about it has become passe. Don't get me wrong, I want to do it at least another 100 times, but I was talking to Big Island Don and they had a great weekend at Kealakekua Bay. Don said that this had been one of the best flying weekends there that he has had since becoming a resident & member of the Big Island Crew.

Saturday's cloud base was around 3000' and surfing just under them could take you just about anywhere. Sunday was a blue thermal day where you had to seek out the thermals, which were strong and plentiful. He and visitor Laurel, she is the one we traded Don for, were both approaching the 'Brown Spot' for a landing when they each caught the up elevators. There were at least 12 other pilots up that day with average flights of about an hour and a half. Skies were so clear that the Big Island was picturesque.

Don ended up flying out over and above Captain Cook, down to the 'School', scooted a little up north, then past the 'Church' and over Launch. Finally to touch down at the beach where a ride was to be had.

After an hour and a half of Thermal flying I think our Andrew Monkey would have even had to land, he had a flight which lasted almost 7 hours at Kahana on Saturday. This tops one of Reapers old records of 6 1/2 hours. Kid's got a bladder.

We have some great flights here on Oahu, but thermal flights on the Big Island are a definite must to put on the list of our experienced P3 and above pilots.

Thanks Don for the pics, can't wait to see these views myself.

Slideshow of Don't photos is here.


Thom said...

Thanks for fixing the slide show and the pics Alex. During these next few windy days I will have to come to school on this so I can stop bugging you to edit each time.

Anonymous said...

Great story Thom! Beautiful pics of the BI Don. Sounds like a great flying day. Someday I may have to enact the "Thermal Pass"--I look forward to flying with you both the BI in the future.