Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flight Report Mad Lib

What a great day we had at Kahana yesterday! Conditions started out a bit switchy, but Maui Doug and I were determined to make it work, since it would be our best chance until possibly Friday, according to the forecast. We were joined by Glenn, Marty and Oni, visiting from SB and Pemberton. It was the last chance for Glenn to fly at this site during his visit. It's always fun when you can share a beautiful flying day in Hawaii with new friends from out of town.

After a while, cloudbase started to drop, and we decided it was time to head downrange. We all flew to Punaluu and found good lift there, and even some pretty strong thermals. The Pembertonians hung out for a leisurely tour of the valley, while Glenn, Doug and I continued on to Hauula.

Thanks to Bobby for the retrieve, and thanks to Glenn for the beverages!

Later, Marty and Oni ran back up for a smooth and strong late session as the sun set behind the mountains, lighting up the clouds over the ocean with its last rays.


JeffMc said...

Funny Alex! Is this the new "Flight Report Template" we all should use? :)


Alex said...

Yeah, Jeff, somehow I just found myself writing a very familiar story with only a few details varying from the norm, and I thought of the Mad Lib idea. Maybe it's also because I've done a lot of Mad Libs with Amelia lately.

MauiDoug said...

It was great meeting everyone! I'm glad Glenn finally got to fly Kahana and Juan got to do a tandem with Jorge at Makapuu. Thanks for the photos Alex! What a fun flight.