Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sending it! (small kine)

When the T-SKEW looks like this and the sky looks like this, it's time to saddle up. So, when my class on writing got out early, I was glad my wing was in the back of the truck.

With the recent shifting of the clock (daylight savings), what was 2:30 is now 3:30 and I found myself standing on launch at 3:30 (which is coincidently the warmest part of the day). Cycles were strong and straight in. It was easy to maintain, but you had to work the thermals to get much over launch (850 feet). Topping out at 4500 feet, it was easy to fly up and down wind while picking up the next thermal. After flying around the area for about an hour, a voice came on the radio. "Doug this is Brian if you want to go somewhere I'll come and get you." Those must be the sweetest words a pilot can ever hear.

With the sky still looking epic, I pointed it south and headed out with an optimistic goal of making it the 20 or so miles to Oregon. The lift was broad and organized and it was easy to cross the canyon and head up into the crop circles. It is still spring and the air is COLD. As I climbed past 6000 feet, I lost all all feeling in my fingers which put me in speed mode. Gliding cross wind with the trimmers out and the bar about 1/2, I headed across vast fields to get to a road. Looking down the road I could see the river and bridge leading to Oregon.

Following some ancient advice from Todd Bibler I just flew straight down the road and turned when I was in lift. About an hour later, I was lining up the landing; choosing a spot next to a easing hitching spot vice heading across the river. A quick pack, and 10 minutes of hitchhiking, and I was in a car back to launch. The sunsets here are awesome.

Hope to see you guys out this way this summer. Check out my flickr stream for more photos.


Alex said...

Good one, Doug! You look cold in those pictures.

Thom said...

Is it warmer in the summer ???? Looking forward to coming out this summer.

firedave2 said...

Did you have your heated gloves on? Are you still flying the Targa, or have you moved on?

Great pix. Looks like you could really put on some miles. Keep charging.

Doug said...

It was cold the T-SKEW said 32 at 3000 feet; at 6000 it was 23 and with the wind chill it was 11. My hands were frozen when I was up high but OK when I was low.

In the summer its 100+ at ground level and still cool up high but no where near that cold till you get twice as high.

My electric gloves are being charged as we speak :)

Still flying the T3

I hope you guys make it.

sandy said...

Let me know when the Hawaii invasion is coming and I can drive up from Utah!

I'm guessing you meant the skew t from 3/17:,WA&latlon=46.27N,119.11W

which looks alot like today's ( except with not quite as hard of an inversion at 6800 feet):,WA&latlon=46.27N,119.11W

Go get it!

sandy said...

ps. Costco (in Utah) sells big boxes (15 pairs) of those chemical hand warmer packs skiers use. You might want to stock up :-)