Monday, March 15, 2010

Two XC Firsts

This weekend saw lots of flying by many pilots at Makapuu and Kahana, and I was lucky enough to be flying with two pilots as they made some very exciting first-time cross country flights. On Saturday, Duck followed me from Kahana for his first cross country trip, soaring over the ridges behind his house in Hauula and landing at the beach park there. On Sunday, Hillbilly followed me and Mad Dog across Kahana Bay to soar Kaaawa and Kualoa for the first time. He's waited four years for the chance to make that trip! Congrats to both John and Bill!


Joey said...

Great job guys! Now your addiction will really kick in :)


Thom said...

Hey Duck, now that Alex has a consistant close XC pilot dont forget to post or call the rest of us.

Congrats Go Sport 4 !!!

Anonymous said...

Joey, Thanks! I am sure the addiction is already in full swing!

I will be sure to let you know when we are flying! I am still a novice and will look to the rest of you to help me be a good novice!