Monday, April 26, 2010

Blanchard Weekend - Mainland Update

When reports of the Fraser Valley in BC were looking questionable for Friday, myself and another pilot drove down to Blanchard, WA. After a few calls, we met up with some local pilots and were soon preparing to get into the air.

I launched first and after a few passes, was able to look down on launch. The cycles were starting to kick in and soon there were more wings in the sky. Conditions were strong ridge lift intermixed with some thermals. We soared for well over an hour when it started to pick up even more and we needed bar to make it back to the LZ.

Saturday, even though it started dismal and rainy, proved to be the best day. By far the best flying day I’ve seen at Blanchard. Several loads of hangies preceded us to launch with a few more loads of paras hot on their heels. I counted fifteen wings in the air at one point. Looked like the eagles were also making up for lost play time over the winter months, a pair were putting on an acro show, while darting in and out between the various gliders. After some additional play time, a few wings could be seen making their way over to Chuckanut Mtn. I decided to join in on the trek, and soon we were making our way along the coast, over Larrabee State Park and on towards Bellingham. Five of us made it, surprisingly all on Ozone wings. With a few more calls, retrieves were soon organized and we were all happily back on our way to rejoin the rest of the gang for a well deserved beer and some food. Sunday’s flying was capped by some high level cirrus, and the best anyone got was an extended sleddie to the LZ. All in all, a fantastic weekend of flying with the Boundary Bay crew, a few from Seattle and three of us from the Canadian side. Cheers,

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Thom said...

Thanks Louise, Nice to read some stories from around the world. Keep flying and tempting us off the rock.



Gravity said...

I love flying Blanchard mountain. I once flew north to Chestnut peak and back, and I heard a couple of guys flew to the BC, Canada border and got busted by both US and Canadian border patrol. Maybe I'll fly it this year on my way up after the Rat Race?

Sidehill said...

Pete I will meet you at the border may fly in Canada with Jayson's crew. bring your passport. hehehehe