Friday, May 28, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a truly beautiful flying day, ending ten long days of strong and wet conditions. The wind dropped off and turned a bit southeast, but the sea breeze got a bunch of us up at Kahana and even sent a few of us downrange. Mad Dog and I flew to Pounders, Thom went to Hauula, and Maui Doug, Duck and Berndt landed in Punaluu. Reaper, Andrew, Matt and Bonnie flew as well. [Edit: Jim and Joey also flew. Thanks to Jim for the retrieve from Pounders!! Thanks to Joey for the acro show at the LZ!]

I flew with my malted ballast again. That's working out great for me in so many ways! But as beautiful as it was, I didn't take any pictures while flying - I guess I was pretty busy working to stay up and keep my wing open. Conditions were pretty spicy downrange. Hopefully someone took a picture or two.

Logan and Amelia and Kui joined us at the beach afterwards, and we enjoyed an enthusiastic and well lubricated debriefing session, complete with pizza delivered to the beach from Domino's. Thanks, Pete! And thanks to Thom for the truth serum. Luckily I wasn't called upon to answer any incriminating questions.

Today looks even more beautiful! Where are we flying???


MauiDoug said...

Workflysleep,workflysleep, workflysleep!

Thom said...

Hey Jim was flying too !!!!!! He was pretty quiet due to his ungodly hours, Just wanted to get the count straight, even though no one at the LZ was.

See ya on Monday, no flights today.

Joey said...

Ya, and dont forget about my acro landing show I put on for ya Alex! LOL...


Alex said...

Holy crap, I swear I was sober when I wrote this, so what the heck? Somehow I totally forgot to mention Jim and Joey. Jim wasn't feeling well and had a short flight, but he came and gave us a ride back from Pounders! And Joey's landing defied belief. Sheez, that's what I get for being in a hurry to make a post.