Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All Aboard The CHAMONIX Train !!!

This is a personal invitation to all friends, visitors and monkeys for a flying paradise trip to Chamonix, France, and the Chamonix/Passy Valleys, and a personal tour given compliments of Mad Dog and La Peste. We will be checking into our apartment in Chamonix on Saturday, August 28th, for 10-14 days of Skyalis, hiking, wine tasting and just some fantastic food and French culture, with a side trip to Annecy included. I will now give you a summary of each day's events, with all links and info you need for an amazing trip. I'm also posting pictures of Chamonix Valley, our accommodations next to the lift and LZ in Chamonix, the launches and LZ in Chamonix and the Passy Valley, also Annecy, and some fantastic background scenery to seal the deal! Come join us...

The best and easiest route will be a flight to Geneva, Switzerland, and then rent a van/car, or take a one hour bus ride to Chamonix. Apartments must be checked into on Saturday Aug.28th before noon and are rented for 1 week minimum, but the second week is a discount (off season) and may be kept on a day by day basis. Now a day's itinerary of fun and excitement we will be doing, day in and day out for the duration (except for the one day trip to Annecy).

First stop after a 50 yard walk from our apartment to the Gondola is buying a one week pass, then up we go at 9-10 am for a benign sledder for beginners or experts alike. Landing at the Club Med. Savoy field is only a 3 minute walk back to our apartment, or the lift back up at 10:30 am when the thermals start in for the day! This flight could be all day long, or another round trip up the gondola if you sink out. The possibilities are XC for the full length of Chamonix Valley, and/or XC straight over to the Passy Valley next door, for a top landing at Plaine Joux's launch site. There they have a bar and a restaurant to relax in, waiting for the afternoon flight there. By now all the remaining monkeys after lunch will be driving the 20 minutes from Chamonix Valley to the Passy Valley and up to the Plaine Joux launch to join us.

The afternoon 3-8 pm flights in the Passy Valley at Plaine Joux (drive up site) consist of a west facing 3,000' granite wall behind launch which receives the mid day-setting sun perfectly and easily sucks up all the valley thermals until sunset! Making this a perfect flight for beginners and well seasoned all day long after 1 pm till sunset. Possibilities are XC up and down this magnificent valley, or crossing the valley to the Tete Noir and a possible XC from there back into Chamonix valley. The possibilities are endless!!! There is, yes, another bar/restaurant at the Passy valley Plaine Joux LZ, where we can wait for the group or hitchhike back up to launch easily if we sink out...

By now you have had at least 3 flights or more, and are ready for the 20 minute drive back home to Chamonix if you haven't already flown XC there and walked the 3 minutes back to your apartment with beverage in hand. For the evenings, we have a 5 minute walk down into Chamonix town center, where there is shopping, food, entertainment galore, or a dinner at one of the monkey's apartments which are all shouting distance apart in the Le Brevent complex. Then it's beverages on your balcony, which either looks up at Brevent launch or Mont Blanc Massive, with all its grandeur of cascading glaciers, now at 9 pm sunset time, with dinner to be had shortly...

Everyone please leave a comment to state if you are interested, thinking, or definitely coming so we can plan on how many vans and what size we may need to rent at Geneva airport when we arrive. All my slide show pics are grouped into the same area, not mixed, example: Chamonix Apts. Chamonix launch/LZ. Passy valley Plaine Joux launch/LZ. Enjoy and hope to see you all there as I did in 2004 when 12 Monkeys visited me in Chamonix, the most beautiful valley in the world that I've been flying every year since 1998. Also click on info in the slide show and I will inform you of each photo and where it is to give you a better idea of what views and excitement your are in for.

Aloha Mad Dog

PS: Bob's slideshow from the 2004 trip:

PPS: Interesting Links:http:

Vol Libre au Pays du Mont Blanc
Webcam Passy
Alex's story about the 2004 trip

Chamonix lift info

This is a list of people definately going to Chamonix:
Chris et Jeannine
Thom & Donna
Don & Yolie
Kaaawa Larry & Ardiana
BC Ryan
Big Island John
Nic Johnson
Duck & Ginger
Fireman dave
Alex=one week!
Larry Mc
Reaper & Bon Bon

List of Hopefuls:

Anyone else, call me...808-734-0103 Mad Dog


Alex said...

How long does it take to get your passport renewed? I'm not sure mine is still good from the last time. Anyway, I'm hoping to make this trip happen, along with Dorothy this time, but it will depend on how Dorothy's mom is doing. I'm going to start making plans in hopes that we can work it out.

Anonymous said...

Kaaawa Larry said-

Could you give us a clue as to what the apartment rental would be for the first week and lift ticket price? My wife and I might like to join in the adventure especially since you emphasized the good conditions for low-time pilots. I'll grill you for more details later

Sharky said...

Holy Crap Alex just reminded me my passport expired this year...EEEK!

I'm overdue for an int'l adventure and this sounds like a barrel o monkeys worth of fun!

Waianae Jim said...

I'm not gonna make it - Maybe next year for me.

Mad Dog said...

Questions, call me 9am any day at home 734-0103. Basically click on APARTMENTS in article, then SELF CATER, answer questions-dates Aug 28. 1 week,ask for Chamonix Mt Blanc area-search for BREVENT ONLY so we are all together next to lift. No phones so we leave our radios on to chat between buildings. Aprox Studio $265- $360- The lift: At bottom of article under INTERESTING LINKS click for LIFT INFO. Mt Blanc Multipass is best you can use all lifts in Huge Chamonix Valley or wife can use it in afternoon while we go fly Passy Valley drive up site ($110- for 7 days)
PASSPORTS: Start now! Can be done on line with RUSH service for $75- I think. Or go to Federal Bldg ask.
This will be Fantastic! We should all get together any Monday night at my place to talk spcifics.

Sharky said...

I'm renewing my passport, it can be filled out online as form DS-82. There's just enough time to do it without expediting (6wks) but I may expedite anyway just to be safe.

Good chance to buy a iPhone 4G in europe (factory unlocked) and maybe buy an extra to sell for a profit back in the states. :)

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog,
Ging and I may be in...40% chance that work might mess it up, but I am trying to clear that now.


Anonymous said...

Mad Dog,
I am in and will try to brush up on my Francais.

Don, is tracking flights if anyone gets any good ones let us know.


Flash said...

I'd love to come tag along for part of the trip -- I'll be at a friend's wedding in Austria/Gibraltar so I'll be in the area.

Anonymous said...

Do what ever you have to do to make this trip. I've been the last two years to Chamonix, Annecy, Lauterbrunen, Grindlewald and Fietsch - simply awesome! This year I'm doing Austria and Italy. Europe is THE place to paraglide - they all live to fly, fly to live - join them. AWOL.

Anonymous said...

Kaaawa Larry says- Adriana and I are IN!! We'll be booking an efficiency at le Brevent and start packing long-johns and gloves.

Anonymous said...

Donna and I will be in Chamonix Aug 28-Sept 11.

Looking forward to flying, good food, good wine and barrels of monkeys.

Its Time To Fly Get Your Gear and GO !

BC Ryan said...

Absolutley in!! My days off are September 1 - 14 so I will be a few late but better that than never!

I'll be solo again so if anyone is getting a place and wants to split up the costs, and willing to have a crazy canuck around, let me know!


BC Ryan

Gravity said...

What a great time we had there. AWESOME is the only word to describe the place.

Bonbon and I are gonna try to come over as well. I'm gonna sell my Rav4 and make it happen...

Anyone need a new wing?

PS I'm looking at getting a rental car to travel a bit while I'm there, and use Chamonix as a base.

Sharky said...

For accommodations, I found that things may be a bit busy till the 28th, the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc is happening and last day is 28th.

went to snostation.com and found 2-3p studio available on the 29th that seems to be near the south side of le Savoy (near lift that cuts across field).

Have it on hold for 24 hours till I can confirm it's a good location, and to see if anyone else interested in sharing.

There's a larger 4-6 person unit Armancette (EUR500/wk) that is a slight bit further away.

Oh well..gonna be in Hilo tomorrow, and need to wake up in 3 hours to fly out.

If anyone is interested, email or call 554-4BUM (286)....

Sharky :)

Anonymous said...

It is looking pretty good for Ginger and I...she is checking on flights and cabins while I am in AUS.


Sharky said...

Locked in for Chamonix! Tickets purchased...I'll be arriving 755am on 08/28!!!

Mad Dog said...

La Peste & I will be in Annecy at her sisters house 3 days before so I'll be flying Annecys Talliore site & Col du Forclaz site until I see the group in Chamonix. Pre fun fun!

Nick Johnson said...
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Nick Johnson said...

Hey guys, I'm getting pretty excited about this trip. The more the merrier. I haven't reserved a place yet, but I'm thinking about going large! I'd like to reserve this 4 rm apt "Brevent E" for the week starting on 4 sept. Here are some details:
Capacity : de 1 à 8 pers.
Surface area : 85 m²

Description :

Overlooking Chamonix, at 300 m from the centre, in quit area surrounded by a garden, close to the cable-car of Le Brévent. Beautiful Mont-blanc view.
At the 4th floor of the building, an apartment about 85 m² facing South, east, west, including :An entrance with cupboards, separate toilets, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a "coin montagne" a kitchenette, a living-room with balcony, view on Mont-Blanc .
sleeping capacity:1 double bed in the first bedroom (south-west)2 single beds in the second bedroom (south-east)
1 double bed in the third bedroom (south-east) 2 bunk-beds + 1 draw (for three single) in the "coin montagne".
kitchen equipment: A fridge, an electric cooker with 4 hobs, an oven, dishwasher, microwave.
sanitary: 2 baths, 2 washbasins, 2 wc.
annex: Ski locker and outside car place Washing-machine, television.
Cleaning service upon request.
Linen rental upon request.
caution: 500 euros

If I can get 1 party to join me at 300 euro, I'll pull the trigger on this deal. 2 parties will lower the price to 250 euro each. 3 may be too much except for short stays (due to having to sleep on the bunk beds...that's where our gliders will sleep ;)

I plan on arriving 4 sept, but I'd be willing to come a few days earlier if I could crash in someone else's pad...of course creditable towards nights at my pad ;) I've sent an email to get a better ideal of the exact location.

Let me know if there are any takers, I'd like to reserve within a day or two.



Anonymous said...

I am arriving Geneva on the morning of the 5th, and am heading to New York on the 15th. If we need any more vehicles, they are pretty cheap.
Hopefully, some of the new gear I ordered will arrive in time, but you know how time moves in the paragliding business. I have a pod harness and a Delta coming but I wouldn't bet on them arriving on time.
Looking forward to flying, drinking and laughing with you all.


Anonymous said...

This was the site guide all the Engos were using when I was there in 2002. http://www.flyers-lodge.com/sites_guide.html


Sharky said...


I got my contract in the mail for a place that Mad Dog helped with finding that according to him is in the same building close to his unit.

It's listed as a one room 2-3 (2 bunks and sofa bed for 2). Wasn't sure what I would find or who might share so booked for one week with option to stay longer. Price is 320euro/wk roughly $400US.

Still looking for another to share, would make $200/wk split.

May move to Nikki's party pad for 2nd week when he arrives.

If anyone is interested let me know...



Nick Johnson said...

Aloha monkeys,

I've reserved the grande palace! I'll be arriving on 1 Sept at 8am. I'll be interested in splitting a place from the 1st to the 4th. I'll try Sharky and see how that works out.

So far the monkey count for the large place is:

BC Ryan(?)
Flash (for a few days)

6 would be the (comfortable) max due to the two double beds.

Looking forward to the trip!


Alex said...

Nick, I'll be arriving at the exact same time, and hopefully couch-surfing at Sharky's place if there's still room. Do you have plans for getting from Geneva to Chamonix? I've found some shuttle services for 25 to 40 euros one way, but haven't booked them yet, in case there's a better option.