Monday, June 07, 2010

Four days of fun

We saw many flights and many milestones over the last four days. After picking the weekday slacker crew up from Pounders on Thursday, Mad Dog flew a sunset flight to Kualoa and back. Then on Friday, under a rare high cloudbase, he flew a record distance to the north, almost making it to the Kahuku golf course, while others landed at Pounders or just shy of Laie Point. Bonnie flew her 90th flight, ready to take the intermediate test. Jorge flew from Makapuu and almost made it to Kualoa, landing out in Waiahole, while Dave hit the dirt in Waimanalo.

This weekend brought even more great weather and great flying. After Saturday's epic paintball battle in honor of Scrappy's continued survival, I flew tandem with LeeAnn to Pounders, along with Aron and Berndt. It was my first tandem cross country flight, and my third flight to Pounders in three days. Thanks to Jorge for giving LeeAnn a ride back, and thanks to LeeAnn for coming back to get the rest of us! Later on, Andrew and Jack flew their checkoff flights for novice ratings. Tommy, Ginny, Jetflap and Frank flew at Makapuu. On Sunday, most folks flew at Makapuu, but Joey and I flew tandems with Rich and Jessika at Kahana, along with Aron. After Joey left, Maui Doug joined me and Aron for another session, and I got to work on my tandem toplanding with Rich.

I took a few pictures, but I'd love to see what kind of pictures the rest of you took. I know LeeAnn took some shots on our trip to Pounders - I will include them here when I get copies. Any other good pictures or stories from the last four days?

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MauiDoug said...

Hey Alex I'm ready for some top landing tandem bumper practice, it was great watching you and Larry making them look so smooth.