Friday, June 18, 2010

Monkeys Stay Dry

There have been incidents where after a perilous accident certain senses are enhanced. One-Eye Jim can now sense on coming squalls and lead the way to a dry LZ.
Now, when I meant dry LZ I didn't mean it in the beverage sort of way, but that happened too.

It was a good afternoon at Kahana, sun was shining, clouds were high but not ominous and the low winds blew northeast. Larry and AZBrad were already on North Launch when Maui Doug, One-Eye, AZChandler, BCRyan and Sidehill hiked up to join in an afternoon flight.

Launches were all good and plenty of lift was to be had but getting high was not an option with the winds aloft a little spicier. Several attempts were made to cross the bay but to no avail. 7 wings crowded the front of the Rhino so a reminder of ridge rules were given.

Maui Doug received comments on his very clean and bright wing and then Jim chimed in with "There is a squall to watch out there". Sure enough, but it was narrow and appeared to be on track to Kaaawa.

McStalker showed up on launch and decided to get in the air even if it was going to be shortened by the pending burst. He got a few minutes of air time when Jim announced "Going over the bay and getting low, just in case". As time past the squall grew wider and was headed staight for us. Maui Doug, Sidehill and McStalker made attempts at top landing but the gusts from the oncoming weather halted our efforts.

"There is a Rainbow in that squall, I am going in" Jim said. He was followed by all, like bees to the hive and not a second too soon the rain hit as we all scattered to vehicles to stow our gear.

It may have been short but it was definitely a wet one and we were 2 monkeys short. Maui Doug and BC Ryan found a new use for the drainage culverts stored in the parking area. Should have gotten a picture of that but it was time for beverages.

In desperation, but with taste some Perrier was popped by 3 monkeys, I just could not believe it and had to document such an unorthodox event. But it did not last long when One-Eye decided to head for Chings. Ah, back to normal, Torpedoes, poke and Ruffles that's more like it.

Thanks to Maui Doug for letting me try his Ellus 2 and to Jim for keeping us dry but not the other kind of dry. Also to Scrappy and BCRyan for providing the final entertainment of the day by scoring after squall acro flights.

Its Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go!!


MauiDoug said...

Great recap Thom! Busy skies, squall dodging and great acro show by Chandler, Scrappy and both of the Earls of Kahana! It was a fun short flight, let's do it again, how about today?

Anonymous said...

HiloKen: Thom great story.... You guys are killing me....
I loved the format the story line and the pictures. To bad the Advertiser went belly up, you could have a job! Most of all I miss flying with you guys. I will have to blow the dust off my wing and get out there soon!