Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Easy Day on the East Side

A bunch of pilots flew Makapuu today, in hopes of reaching downrange destinations, but the cloudbase turned out to be way too low, and we ended up staying local. The flow was quite easterly, so we all launched from Tomato Juice. Mad Dog, Big Isle Charlie and I got high enough to punch through the headwind to the lighthouse ridge, and soar the east face over the tidepools. Jorge, Mad Dog, Charlie, OZ Curt and I also got up high again for a dash to Sandys Beach Park where Pete was towing George up for some training. Bonnie flew her longest flight ever, over four hours, and Scot, Maui Doug, Dave Nichols, Fireman Jack, and Sidehill Thom flew as well. JC and crew showed us some light wind speed flying skills. Alison worked on her ground handling at the LZ. Thanks to Thom for the shuttle back to Makapuu.

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