Friday, September 03, 2010

Fill in the Blank

Guess I shouldn't whine about a certain group of PG pilots from HI in a different country not posting if I'm not doing it myself. Although here with work commitments and weather I've only flown about 2hrs in the last 3 weeks.

On Monday (8/30), I got in an hour of flying at Kahana Bay with visitors Brian & Ashely from SF area + Maui Doug...

And on Thursday (9/2), I got in a bit over an hour at Makapu'u with Woody from Maui, Maui Doug, Tommy RD, and Scrappy doing a tandem with his uncle Steve from Maui.

There were a few speed wings flying around and top landing at Cactus (those guys are getting a lot better at it) and a HG there too. Nice flights. Looking forward to more reports and stories from our compatriots abroad.

Ahui Ho.

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