Monday, September 13, 2010

Monkeys on a Bus

I got back late Saturday night and awoke Sunday way too early but was feeling pretty okish. Maui Doug gave me a call and I found myself scrambling to Kahana. It was a perfect day and plenty monkeys were scurrying up the hill. I had to fly Ike's Mustang since he has my Sport 4 hostage in France or wherever he is now.

My plan was to stay in the playground and get used to the wing. I remember once saying I will always kite a wing before I fly it, but then again I used to say I was a conservative pilot and we all know where that has gotten me. I launched and did a few turns and was headed out over the bay to check out the wing when the chirps from above grew strong, so I headed up high to catch Alex, Jorge and One-Eye.

Punaluu & Haaula Ridges were both bumpy thermals - and I thought I was going to relax here after the rodeo rides in France. Both ridges had snotty little thermals that I had to ease into, due to lack of airtime on this older DHV-2 wing.

Jorge was in the Delta Demo, wrapped up in the pod, so you know he was on the top of the stack. Alex and Jim were getting their share of rides up and down. Then One-Eye called it by saying he had enough and headed for HBP, I said me too. Alex and Jorge soon followed One-Eye's lead. Ginny was on retrieve and we got 5 pilots and 4 gliders to fit in that little car. Thanks for the ride Ginny.

The afternoon's second flights were put on hold after Alex used B-Ray's comp glider and put the monkeys on the hill to work, but that is another story. My second flight on the Mustang ended up as a sledder to the LZ.

Monday came, and Alex wanted the Delta. I had it in my truck, so I had to drive out to Kahana to bring it to him. He had to really twist my arm. It was just Alex & I on launch, no crowds.

Alex got to the top super fast, and I slowly worked my way up. Alex announced "I am going", to which I replied "I will be right behind you". Alex did not want to get lectured by the homeless priest again, so he hoped to go to Pounders.

Again the 2 ridges bounced me around. Alex was on the Delta, and I got a glimpse of him on the Punaluu ridge, but that was it, he was gone. A little squall snuck up on him en route to Pounders, so I hung back on the Haaula ridge till it passed. After it passed, there was nothing but sink, so I bailed to HBP.

Alex called and said he was going to grab the bus, and I ended up grabbing the same one. I think this was my first bus trip - oh crap, Reaper, don't read this story.

It was a good two days, and I was glad to be back, jet lag and all. But if there is another trip to Chamonix count me in. Because it is...

Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!!


Anonymous said...

BUS'ted Thom! good reading for us weary travelers here in Chamonix.

We're heading to St. Hillaire today and then maybe Interlaken.

Cya guys next week?

bonkers and reaps

Alex said...

Thom, thanks for writing up the flight today. It was fun taking the Delta for a spin to Pounders. Well, I should say, it was fun except for the spin. I spun it as I was banking a turn low to approach the beach. Recovery was fast and benign. Maybe I'm just worn out after my fourth flying day in four days back from France. Tomorrow I hope to pass this lovely siren over to Jeff so he can get to know her better.