Saturday, September 04, 2010

She's Back

Got a couple flights in at Kahana Bay today. My first solo venture almost ended up badly when I decided to fly out an incoming squall. The wind died to nothing once the squall passed and I luckily made the beach on glide from pretty low. While I was waiting for the wind to pick back up so I could dry my wing out from the rain some other folks were up on North launch waiting too, Mc Stalker, James & Lorie, TommyRD, and maybe some others too.

By time my wing had dried out Tommy RD had landed out by the cow pastures, and Allan C had graciously gone off to pick him up. Mc Stalker headed on downrange before I could get my act together for a second round, so I didn't even get to say "hi" (except via radio).

Once Allan C and Tommy RD got back Ginny and our surprise guest for this story Laurel made an appearance and Laurel, Tommy and I hiked up North launch to give it a go. We all had nice launches from low down on launch since the wind was consistent and brisk but not too brisk. Scrappy hiked up and helped Allan C off for his 3rd flight, then Scrappy was off in his tandem. I came down and soared the trees for a while after an hour. Someone had written a nice message in the sand.

After I landed some other pilots headed up to get some air too, Scrappy for another tandem, and Rich. I didn't see JK but Cbox made it seem like he was there and had some snag issues on launch. Laurel had a great flight, getting way up near cloud base it sure was good to see her out there skying out.


swan said...

It was great getting to fly with you!! I'll be out again when school isn't killing me. Alooooha!
~ Laurel

JeffMc said...

Thanks for the write-up Jim! I added my own pic from my little down-ranger.

Wish I waited for you to join me, but I had the itch and had already been in the air for an hour and a half and was worried about squalls.

Hoping for another one this afternoon!