Monday, November 22, 2010

HPA Year-end Meeting Minutes

Well, another year has passed, and our numbers are growing. Much more than my wife had ever expected. But the gathering went off without incident, with special thanks to the clean-up crew, including Yolie, (Don Ike's better half); Ginny; June "Sandy" and husband John. On the grill were Rich and AllanC, as usual with plentiful food.

We never got a complete head count, but let's just say we were beyond fire regulation for most clubs in Kailua. It was great to see so many new faces, and faces from the past that need to get some airtime with the Monkeys again soon: Christine, Bill MacDonald, Sky Dive Chris and Cliff Chang. Visitors present: Cliff, Mark, Pierre and David Z. Newer Pilots and new students too many to mention.

It seemed to be the consensus that this was the largest turnout ever. We had 42 waivers signed, including four by visiting pilots. A few are still needed: Quentin, JD and Leanne, Jim "One-Eye" Simmons, Sub Steve, Scot Thorstad, Kevin, Mad Dog, Harvey, Laurel and Gary. If you were not there to fill one out, please fill one out so we can update the directory with your info.

Several waivers still need USHPA numbers, which can be renewed on line. New pilots, get on your instructors to get your numbers. If your name appears below please forward your number to me at Stephen Phillips, Travis Kean, Erich "Sharky", Aron Rudolf, Christine Kerner, Bill Hockensmith, Kelley Peppers, Don Ikenberry, Andrew "Flash" Zoechbauer, "Hilo Ken" Bellisle, "AllanC" Carmichael, Richard "Sawzall" Oleson.

The meeting was the usual boring stuff, highlighting injuries during the year, all the stuff we are not supposed to do. Then there was the news of Joey leaving us for a deployment to Japan for 6 months, so we all promised not to fly till he got back. Well that went right out the window like no "Rail Landing" at the look out. Joey left Monday, November 22, and a whole gaggle flew Makapuu, with XCs to Hygenics, Pali Golf Course and Mr. Deed's Back Yard (that is another story), while he was still in the air to Japan. Sorry Joey, I know you'll be reading this but we just couldn't help it.

Other good news so far: we are keeping Ginny; and June "Sandy" Akers and husband John Russel will be moving back next year. We also had news that Carson is up and about and recovering.

The quarterly "WingPerson" award went to long-suffering Dorothy Colby for relentlessly putting up with her husband's addiction to flying and putting up with the Monkey Barrel for many years. Thanks to 'One-Eye Jim', the founder of this award, which honors our non-flying partners that retrieve us from XC flights and tirelessly put up with our O-dark thirty excuses.

Fireman Dave was embarrassed with a birthday cake and plagued with us all singing Happy Birthday. Dave also received a big thanks for organizing and working on the Juice Launch renovation and for installing the new Makapuu wind sock.

Overall, a good meeting/party. One of the guest pilots mentioned something that we have all heard from many other visiting pilots: "This is the tightest PG club I have ever witnessed - the way you help each other and treat guests is above and beyond any other PG club". Well, that is just great to hear sometimes, isn't it?

Keep up the Aloha, HPA. Now It's Time to Fly - Get Your Gear and Go !!!!


Alex said...

Thanks for the great recap from our newest board member. What a great party - thanks again to you and Donna for hosting such a big monkey shindig at your lovely house. And thanks to you and Jim for the wingperson award; Dorothy will enjoy that champagne very much!

Brazilian Ray said...

cool Thom, welcome aboard! Jeff, thanks for all your help with the board. I'm sure we can still count on you for troubleshooting our website!

I am curious with the wingperson award... is this a HPA original initiative?? I mean, was there any other clubs doing so before us??
I think it is great! Thanks Jim ;)

Unknown said...

As a visiting pilot from Portland, I will echo that the HPA is the tightest and most friendly club. It was a great experience and I miss you folks a lot. My week there was magical and one of the best weeks of my life. Thank again.

Blazer Portland Tim

Duck said...

Hey Portland Tim!!

We miss you too!!!

When are you coming back?