Friday, November 12, 2010

The King's New Wing

Well, after two weeks of very little flying, the King came back to adorn his throne. As Friday started, we were looking at Wind Lines, and scanning the weather data, with flying possibilities at both sites.

I sent an email to Alex inquiring as to his schedule for the day, and he said no matter what, he didn't "think" he could make it out, no matter how good it got, but of course at that time it was not promising.

Just before noon my phone rang. "It's time to fly, get your gear and go!" It was Alex. He had lasted about 2 1/2 hours, which might be a record. His new wing was taunting him, and an alluring call from Ginny broke him. I could tell from his tone that he needed a partner in crime. You always want to call someone that has the addiction as bad, knowing that they will blow off work to join you.

When I arrived at Kahana, the King was wearing his new wing, the Peak 2, and as I hiked up, it had already grafted itself to him and they had become one. Ginny, who we have to thank for the motivation, was on low east launch, and with a couple of pulls and a twist she was gone.

The King had a short window, and actually landed way before he usually does, to go pick up Logan. Ah ha - he had to carefully tuck in the new appendage. Ginny and I stayed low in the bowl for awhile, not getting up more that 1,400 feet. The air was pretty smooth, and soon the sky started to fill with wings: visitors Larry and Sonoma Chris, Allison, Hilo Ken, Reaper, Joey, Bonnie and Gary.

I had around a two hour flight, breaking in my new Synergy 4. I have not cashed in on the guaranteed bay crossing yet, but I am planning to do it soon. Good flights were had by all, but we all asked Ginny to make it good for tomorrow too. What a drug, you get a little, and you just want more and more and more.

Hopefully see you out there this weekend! Ginny has stirred her pot and predicts an awesome Sunday.

So, It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go!


Mad Dog said...

Beautiful looking steed Big Al! I wish U had that one in France to play with. Don't wear it out before next summer we need to fly from Lake Annecy to Chamonix together...See U on Tantalus Monday.

sandy said...

Yes, PLEEEASE Ginny, make it good! make it good! I want to fly in warm trades again! and John does, too!