Sunday, December 05, 2010


I've been flying for some time now with my R2 unit, the Flymaster B1 Nav. R2 has made much of the flying that I do less stressful. Much like Alex's symbiotic relationship with his new wing, I have a similar relationship with my R2. I have been flying with my R2 since the Rat Race, and I have found numerous times when I was glad to have it aboard! For you see, my R2 unit is magical! It has an autopilot function where I simply have to identify a programmed LZ, push a button, and fly there!  One-touch XC!

I first recognized the magical abilities of my R2 in Chamonix, when I was crossing from the Brevent to Plaine Joux. I ascended above Brevent to a sufficient height, and KNEW that I had Plaine Joux on glide. My R2 simply told me that I had the glide, and I knew it was so.  R2 takes alot of the stress out of flying!

Much like today! I was at 3,000 feet above Punalu'u, and my R2 told me I had a 10 to 1 glide ratio to Gunstock Ranch! I happened to mention to Alex, Bill, and Maui Doug that we could all make Gunstock if we pushed out. onditions were getting lighter, Alex was already gliding behind my house in Hauula, so I decided I had to go. I left Punalu'u at 2800'. Shortly after I pushed out, the conditions changed, quickly getting lighter.

I pushed on to Gunstock, helped by numerous thermals from Laie, and Alex pushed on to a record setting landing past Kuhuku!

I just wanted to note my best flight to date, and to thank Alex, Bill, and Maui for the excellent XC!!



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Thom said...

YOU Lucky Basssssstds.

I looked at windlines after my 3rd glass of red and after a long Safety meeting, and got this read.

I want to be a duck and go where he goes.

I still expect another detailed coffee read from the rest of you.