Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Invitation to Colonel "Boots" Baker's Retirement Ceremony and Party

One of our own is retiring from the United States Army after 30 years of service. Colonel Tommy "Boots" Baker invites you to his retirement ceremony on 4 February at 10:00 in the morning aboard the USS Missouri. That evening he is hosting a Retirement Reception "Castaway" Party at his home. Food, drink, and entertainment provided. Although he is still working on his P2 rating, he hopes that having more time available will allow him to finish his training and get more airtime with Alex, Mad Dog, Scot and all other "jobless" weekday fliers!


Anonymous said...

- I do not know Col Baker but please pass him my congrats from another 30yr Col who served in PACOM
- also note that retirement sure makes the PG "chase" easier
- I look forward to meeting "Boots" on my next visits on-island in July 2011 and Jan 2012

Waianae Jim said...

The invitation says to R.S.V.P. by 15 Jan 2011, how can I do that, today is 18 Jan 2011?

Gravity said...

Just do it...
Sorry 'Boots' but I ain't gonna make it. We're gonna be freezing our arses off in Indiana until the 6th. But, I will be home in time to make sure you've read the PG manual.

Congrats Sir.

PFC Reaper

Anonymous said...

Waianae Jim, no need to RSVP. If you can make it, just show up.


Thom said...

Just because we fly during the week and yes kinda seems jobless but we w**k very hard trying to find wind and the right site for everyone else to enjoy, after they get home from w**k.

Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Welcome aboard Col. Baker you will enjoy being a "Jobless Wind Chaser"

Its Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go!!!

Thom said...


Are we allowed at the ceremony in the morning.

Just never been to one and if we are, directions to and protocol procedures please.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely. It will be a nice ceremony on the deck of the USS Missiouri. Lots of military tradition in these. Really no protocol to mention. We will be in Uniform of the Day (cammies). For civilians it is Aloha Casual.


Anonymous said...

If you are coming to the ceremony, please rsvp so we can get your name on the list to get on to Ford Island. Hope to see some folks there.