Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Forget the World

I'm ridiculously behind on my work at the moment. And my family has a lot of stuff going on right now that I need to focus on. Today I had to pick Amelia up early from school for a dreaded dentist appointment. But despite all that, I somehow managed to scrape together a couple hours to fly at Kahana beforehand.

I made the most of it, launching into super light north conditions and thermaling up high to cross the bay, for the first time in ages. It was a Kahana-kuli day for sure, one of the lightest and most thermic days I can recall. Duck would later describe the air as "sh*tty, cr*ppy, and scary," and there were definitely some rough "hand of god" moments in those thermals. But I was focused and loving it. For a couple of hours I was completely in the zone, tuning out everything except the wind on my face, the bucking bronco over my head, and the sound of my vario. Sometimes there's no better way to just forget the world, at least for a little while.

Thanks to Duck, Maui Doug, LarryMc, Larry W, Thom, BC Brad and Harvey for the excellent company. And to Thom for the torpedo the guys saved for me after I got back from the dentist appointment!

The video is a bit shaky because I shot it with my handheld phone camera. Gotta get me one of those steadicams! For best video quality, click the full screen button on the lower right, and set it to 720p.


Sharky said...

Nice article Alex, and great video and music to go with it!

I'm too chicken to whip out my iphone to video...good job! :)

thebeeman said...

Perfect in content & meaning !!

Thom said...

Alex you need to get a pod cam. that was an unexpected pleasure for my coffee read this morning.


I am sure you have a big one to write up for 5-0 filming.

Duck said...

That was afun flight Alex! Glad to have made it!
It was tricky...that's what made it fun.