Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meeting/Party, Sat. Feb. 26, 6-10 pm, at Sea Life Park

We will be holding our first quarterly meeting and party on Saturday the 26th of February, from 6 to 10 pm. I am pleased to announce that for the first time ever, we will be meeting and celebrating at a very familiar landmark (or at least familiar from a lofty viewpoint): the open dining area at Sea Life Park. Thanks to Quentin for making the arrangements for us. Bring your family and friends to help us mark the beginning of a great relationship with one of our closest flying neighbors.

This WILL be a potluck. They offered to serve us food, but we have declined that option in favor of bringing our own. I know many of you enjoy that aspect of these parties. We can set up our grilling gear in the loading area adjacent to the restaurant. Let's see how that works for us this time -- if we ever want to try the option of their restaurant food at a future event, we certainly can.

We are NOT permitted to bring our own alcohol. In addition to liquor license issues, they need to make a minimum return on this event, to cover their basic costs, for a bartender, assistant, and utilities. Quentin has negotiated happy hour prices for us at their cash bar. $3 Corona and Heineken; $4 Sierra Nevada; $4 Wine, and $5 Liquor Well Drinks. All alcohol must be served by Sea Life Park because of liquor law requirements.

The Park will be closed and animals asleep, but we will be able to observe the sea lions from the restaurant deck. The party is officially supposed to end at 10 pm, but if the bar is hopping they might let us stay longer.

I am hopeful that we can score a good day of Makapuu flying on Saturday (or in my case, a day of watching you guys fly). As the flying is winding down, we can move the party across the street for a historic first opportunity to gather at a scenic venue that we've all flown over a million times. We also have a lot of really interesting agenda items for our meeting. Please join us - I look forward to seeing all of you there!


JeffMc said...

MAHALO Quentin!! Looking forward to it. Alex - how much of the park is open or viewable? I know Mazzy would want to see the animals, but if it's closed off - Jen can take her before the party.


Brazilian Ray said...

I am loving it!!!
Let's make next meetings in a full moon day, so we can keep on partying at the LZ after 10pm!!!!

Brazilian Ray

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I was getting worried.


Rich. said...

I'll be grillin no matter what, be it across @ the LZ or on site, my little gas grill's gettin' fired up.

Alex said...

Rich, Q said we can set up a grill or grills in the loading area adjacent to the restaurant.

DaveZ said...

I hope the park benefits from the proceeds at the bar. Something tells me they're gonna have a big night.
Have fun monkeys, wish I could be there.

Gravity said...

I can bring my little gas grill too!

What time is the penguins curfew?