Thursday, March 03, 2011

Aerial views of Sea Life Park

Thanks to everyone for making our meeting and party a big success. And thanks to Sea Life Park for hosting us. It's a great venue for a clubhouse, and we look forward to working with them in other fun ways. Right now they are very interested in any aerial footage or photos we can offer.

If you have any old video footage or photos that you think might be worth sharing, please contact me. Otherwise please shoot some good stuff the next time you fly over, and then either walk your memory card across the street to the office, or contact me and I'll pass it on. They are willing to offer a free prize to any videos that get used, like free dolphin encounters, which are normally a hundred bucks or so. Here's what they are hoping for:
What we are looking for would be some great video to show on our bus rides from Waikiki that we could include in our overall footage. Some sweeping views, some focus on our main pool Dolphin Cove, basically anything you think looks cool from up in the air (mountains, lighthouse, rabbit island). We could have this on our website also. We could possibly work out putting your club name in there somewhere.

Still photos if you guys do that would also be great so we can track the ever changing landscape at our park. We are in the midst of massive renovations so if we can track our progress on a quarterly, 6 month, or annual basis that would be fantastic. Basically, for this we would look for a whole overview shot of the park then broken down by areas. The main body of the park broken down into about 4-5 closer photos and our backstage area with our two other pools as two separate shots. Before and after photos of our progression will be instrumental in the ongoing plans for our park.

Any and all help any of you guys could provide would be great.
I think we may get to the point where all of our neighbors (Nanakuli community, Kahana community, Waimanalo community including Sea Life Park) would appreciate our aerial videos and/or photos. Let's start thinking about more ways to share this stuff.


James Bender said...

Aloha Oahu PG
Here's a suggestion for photo coverage. Get your tandem pilots to fly a pro photographer to get those plum shots. Or get Alex to put up some of his primo shots. They always look so good on the Windlines header.

Sounds like a good opportunity!!!!!!!!

Maybe start working on Tantalus.......

James Bender

Anonymous said...

I have a decent camera. I'm willing to be a front bumper and I'll bring a few lenses. No Video on the camera though, but I can use Scrappy's GoPro for that.

Steve Phillips