Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Monday

Nine more days of dragging my broken carcass around this smelly planet...after which I'll ascend to the heavens and take up my lofty throne in the clouds, as prophesied by my orthopedist three moons ago. I await only his final blessing. After that day, if you want to find me, just look up and I'll be there, gracing the skies with my benevolent spirit. Let us celebrate that glorious day with much merrymaking and feasting. And we shall call it … Easter Monday!

I see my orthopedist on Monday, April 25th, at 2 pm in Kailua, after which I'll be making a holy pilgrimage to the nearest flying site. I'm hoping it'll be Kahana because I've heard that's where the darn throne is! Hopefully some of you will already be out flying and it'll be an obvious decision by that time of day.

Let the countdown begin...


Thom said...

Sorry had to delete earlier post due posted wrong date.


We have appreciated your cursed sentence with the ground walkers with all your coaching, air traffic controlling and retrieves. We are all looking forward to your return to the skies, but perhaps not as much as your longing.

I am taking April 25th Off and have declared the day HPA Presidents Day.

It WILL be time to Fly Get Your Gear REPAIRED so you can Go!!!!!!

Duck said...

Good luck with the doc! It has not been the same without you skying out above all of us--even though we have appreciated the Air Boss. With your new bones, you will be heavier and therefore even faster in your wing--AWESOME!

Here's to the 25th being a good day to fly!!!

Waianae Jim said...

I'm leaning toward the 'take the afternoon off' option for that day to welcome the King back to his well deserved throne. He has been a great example of positivity during his forced grounding. Let's go far Alex!