Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Trouble

Lots of milestones were achieved at Kahana today! Amelia's second tandem flight, my first tandem bay crossing, my second time crossing two bays (flying from Kahana to Waiahole), the first time for both Harvey and Scrappy doing that flight, and Maui Doug's first time doing that flight twice in one day on his smaller wing. Plus Alaska Jack's first flight in his new awesome pink tandem wing, with his First Officer. And BC Carrie's first flight at Kahana in three years. Oh, and Thom's first bay crossing in a very, very long time. And Carson's first tandem at Kahana with his girlfriend Nicole. Our biggest crew ever, seven people, landing at Waiahole Beach Park, because they wanted to, and Mad Dog landing at Hygienics, because he could.

We flew over Kevin who was kiting at the old Kualoa. I am pretty sure that Waiahole is the new Kualoa now! I guess we all need to start kiting there to make it official. Thanks to Logan for the help carrying my gear up the hill, and for the launch assist. Thanks to Kevin, Scrappy, Reaper and BC Carrie for the retrieves. Thanks to Jeff and Reaper for the refreshments. Thanks to Jen, Mazzy and Erick for entertaining Amelia after her flight.

Roll call: Carson and Nicole, Alaska Jack and his First Officer, BC Carrie, Reaper, Ken Berry, Jeff and his family, Kevin and his family, Scrappy, Maui Doug, Harvey, me, Logan and Amelia, Mad Dog, Thom.

What a fun day. Tandems really are great XC machines!! I just need to make sure I have a willing passenger like Amelia along for the ride. And next time I need to dress her a bit warmer!


JK said...

Fun times! Another boundary pushed and new horizons established. Put this one in the "milestone" category. Thanks for the coffee read this morning, Alex.

Kevin said...

It was quite the site to see 6 wings fly over me at Kualoa. Can't believe I missed that flight. Oh well, maybe some day in the near future I will see Kualoa from above. Great flying monkeys.


Thom said...

Thanks Alex,

It was great flying with the King and Her Highness, I figure she doesn't like the Princess title. I know Logan will be flying along side you soon. What a way to keep an eye on your kids. Birds eye that is.

NOTE: I know Joey prefers and I am sure AkJack would prefer the color to be called "Man-genta". I think that is the manly pink.

Boy, I needed that after my last flight trying 5 times then finally landing only to watch you & Flystrong cruise on over.

My kahonas still have not fully formed since my OTB. Venturing on to follow Mad Dog to Hygenics was not a mental option for me. I hope to keep him company on that flight one of these days.

Harvey was so excited, it is great to see the enthusiasm of a first time accomplishment.

Maui Doug, what a selfless pilot, Scrappy came by to pick us all up and was going to hike up for a flight. Maui Doug hiked up with him to keep him company. While we were finishing off our celebratory bevs, they flew on by. A repeat for Maui and a ice breaker for Scrappy.

I know Scrappy needed that flight maybe even worse than me. Now he has the bad luck monkey off his back and we will be expecting the Scrappy of old to appear.

Mad Dog, a name so fitting, he stated on launch that he was going to take it easy. He had his Tork1 instead of his Tork2 which he saving for France next week. We all crossed conservatively to Maui Doug's Kite Spot. Buy not The Mad Dog, he went way out with a direct line for Hygienics and tried to coax me along. I watched him do this the last time we made this flight and I watched again.

Good Luck Mad Dog in France. Please post up your adventures, we are hoping you will get that flight from Annecy to Chamonix.

Not sure when we will fly again with this wacky weather. But at a moments notice.

It will be Time to Fly keep your Gear close and ready to Go!

MauiDoug said...

Wow, how fun was that!!! Thanks Alex for the great photos and retrieve check! Thanks Kevin and BC Carrie for the retrieves!

I knew it was going to be a great day of flying when I pulled up to Kahana, because my wingman Thom was meticulously getting his gear ready and not in any big rush. Perfect! Since I seam to always be slow in making sure all my gear is also in order.

If we would of rushed up the hill, we would not of got to see Alaska Jack pull out his brand new BiGolden2 tandem out of the bag for a quick kite test. It's always so cool to see a brand new crispy wing come out to play for the first time :-)