Thursday, August 25, 2011

Makapu'u Gold

I remember when I first starting getting high, how smooth it was. Back then, there was little of that harsh low in the bowl stuff that we've had to suffer through lately. Most of the time we would just get super high, relax and almost fall asleep. Today was just a taste of how it was.

Unfortunately, I had to w**k on Wednesday August 24, 2011, so I could afford to continue this addicting habit. I was getting reports from monkeys that a batch of good stuff had rolled into Makapu'u. I wanted some, I needed some, I had to get a fix … prayers were answered, last job was a quick one, and I was on the road.

I turned the corner at Olomana and could see puffs of smoke in Waimanalo rising lightly from the north. As I looked to the skies I could see colors … lots of pretty colors. Alright! Everyone is getting high.

At the LZ, Jorge was chilling and Maui Doug was floating in. They had just spread the Aloha of Makapu'u Gold with some visitors, Awesome. Jorge smiled, "Thom, go to Manics. It's a little strong at first, but then its alllll gooood." By the look on his face he had been high for a while.

I un-rolled at Manics. Yeah, UN-rolled … of course I did. I un-rolled my wing! What did you think this story was about??

It sure was nice having a little taste of air, smooth like butter, the kind I remember from my first flights at Makapu'u. Just before I came in for a landing, I looked to the west. The sun was setting, and Makapu'u turned Gold.

Like always, we all want more and more.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear and Go !!!!!!!!!!


Thom said...

Thanks for adding the pics Alex. So glad to hear that LadyHawk got some airtime.

Maybe she brought back the mellow winds. We will have to keep her around.

Alex said...

It was quite pleasant to share that buzz with you yesterday, Thom. Thanks to Slacker for helping me get out clean from Manics with Hawkins. Nice to see so many people enjoying a perfect Makapuu afternoon.