Sunday, August 21, 2011

Motivation for Celebration

Yesterday the weather was quite unsettled, and the wind was often strong and gusty, but it seemed like there might be a decent window at Kahana if we timed it right. I am always extra motivated to get into the air on a day when we've scheduled a big evening party. I guess I just like to stock up on fresh memories of a flying adventure to fuel the celebration.

Jim and I waited out some really strong and gusty northerly flow, and then ran up the hill as soon as it seemed a bit lighter. Thanks to Brad for grabbing the wing I had forgotten in Thom's truck the night before, in my besotted haste. Poor Thom had a plumbing emergency and didn't make it out til the end of the day, so I would have completely missed the window if I'd waited for him to bring the gear.

As it was, when Jim and I launched, the wind had lightened up just enough for me to blast up high over the front of Kahana and then jet across the bay before the wind got a bit stronger again. I came in fairly high, but the last part required a long and spooky push on three quarter speed bar next to the ridge above the Crouching Lion. But I finally made it around into Hidden Valley and climbed up and out over my new favorite place to fly. Jim reported a brief spell of light rain falling on him over the bay just as I made it across - I must have escaped just in time.

Pete showed up soon after with Ginny, and he hiked up with Brad and Five-0 Mike. I was hopeful that someone might be able to follow me across the bay and keep me company in the strong and gusty conditions over there, but I think the window had already slammed shut. Since it was plenty strong, I was able to make my lowest crossing ever to Kualoa and back to Kaaawa, with easy lift all the way there and back. By the time I got back to Kahana, Pete was launching Brad and Mike from north launch. Mike got up nicely, but Brad had some issues with his borrowed harness and decided to head straight for the beach. Pete flew for a while in the strong north flow, and then we all headed down as it seemed like it was starting to blow even stronger. I enjoyed a marathon tree soaring session before I landed. After that, Sharky and Thom made an appearance, and Thom bravely hiked up to score the last flight of the day. Thanks to Sharky for the refreshments, and to Jim for going to get them. It was the perfect aperitif before our evening's feast.

Thanks to Dave and Patti for hosting our party, and to our special guests Kawika and Hawkins, and to everyone who came out to help us celebrate long into the evening. It wasn't our biggest turnout, but I think it might be our best venue yet. Let's see if we ever get invited back. Hopefully it didn't get too crazy after I left with Dorothy and the kids!

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Thom said...

I got a few stories to read today. I agree a flight before a meeting is always good.
Mine not so epic but coming into the keyhole from the opposite end of the beach was a first for me. Gotta love North Wind.