Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flying the Foothills

Quickly now, before someone posts a story about today's epic Makapuu flights along the main range: we enjoyed some fun and challenging conditions along the Koolauloa foothills on the previous two days. Quite a few pilots made it over to Kualoa over the course of two very different days.

On Friday, I got boosted to 3,500 feet over Kaaawa, my highest ever in that area, in what felt like wave lift. But I was too chicken to take Scot up on his suggestion that we fly back to Ohulehule and make our way to Makapuu. It just felt a little too strong to me. Instead, Scot flew from Kualoa to Punaluu and then back to Kualoa. Thom and Gaza crossed, and I followed for a second time, and then Kevin joined us. Visitors Scott and Robin also flew. There was a late shift of pilots afterwards.

On Saturday, Bill and I scratched and thermaled our heads off on the lightest day ever, getting high and crossing the bay to explore the Kaaawa thermals. They were rough and snotty, and they pretty much felt like leeside thermals everywhere. Again I was too chicken to leap back to Ohulehule, this time because the thermals just felt so unfriendly. Jeff scratched with us at Kahana, and lots of other pilots came out to try their luck. Some had better luck than others. It was a super fun and super challenging day.

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Thom said...

Thanks Alex,

Of course I specifically wanted storied from Sunday's exodus from Makapuu to MDKiteSpot, the picture were worth it.

Made my coffee so enjoyable. It was great for me to have crossed the bay 2 days in a row as well. This will be the first step to the Kahana-MPU run. Can't wait for that one!