Monday, September 05, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh, how I wish it were Sunday, so we could fly it all over again. (Yeah, I always had a thing for the Bangles, Alex; at least they were of age!) Monday, a holiday, as all Mondays should be, turned out … way awesome. Joey came to my house, and was yelling up the stairs, "Thom, where the hell are you?" I had had a late night with Nikki Johnson emptying my bar refrigerator. When I heard Joey's voice at the bottom of the stairs, I knew I was late.

After a cup of Joe and One-Eye stopping by to adjust his new harness, we set out for Makapu'u. It was going to be a great day, and even the King had announced that he and his Niviuk steed would be gracing the Makapu'u skies.

It was a Manic Monday, and even though a few of us were hoping for a Cactus tour, we were happy for the no-hike Manics launch. It was a para-park day too, with Alex just skimming along launch and getting his picture taken constantly. I found myself guilty of the same after I launched … Scrappy, I would like to see those pictures of me buzzing Manics.

We all deserved this Labor Day off, because we have been laboring for flights lately. The day before, Alex and the gang were scratching their butts off to get a flight at Kahana, when of course Makapuu was perfect.

The first shift of monkeys disappeared, dodging squalls all the way to Olomana and en route to Lanikai. Mad Dog and Alex landed at Olomana Golf course. Jorge landed at the men's prison. Several pilots flew out and back, notably our distinguished visitor Jeff Wishnie, top ranked comp pilot, who had to follow Alex today, almost, but schooled him in the end.

The second shift flew like there was no Tuesday, trying to make it just a littttttle bit further downrange. JK got the distance award today by landing in the girls prison field close to Castle Hospital.

The pilot count as best I can remember: Joey, One-eye, Franky, Sidehill, Mad Dog, Alex, Scrappy, Steve Divot, Ginny, Sharky, Maui Doug, Jeff Wishnie, Rich, Jorge, Gaza, JK, Airborne Ken, Fire Jack, 5-0, Chili, and probably a few I forgot. Oops, Tommy RD, who has been doing some serious ground handling and retrieving and will soon be off injured reserve.

I heard from AllanC, but his leash must have been short, so he couldn't make it. Nikki had family in town. MIA: Flystrong, McStalker, Night Shift, Harvey, Duck, Mac, Kaaawa Larry, B-Ray and Flash … a note for your absence is required.

Just a roll call/recap story. Tuesday should be awesome, too. Please fill in the comment section if you flew today.

It's Time to Fly … Get Your Bangles and Go!!!!!!!


allanc said...

Got really sick with a cold on Sunday night and was in no position to fly Monday. I bet the flights were so much fun and was thinking of you all out there. Glad to see the crew make it to Olomana and stay up. I got to the peak closest to Makapu'u on Sunday but had to head back and land in Waimanalo Valley, then caught the bus back to MPU. I found several boomers out in front of Pu'u O Kona and some good strong ones on the way to Olomana over the neighborhood's. Had one low save from 300-ft back up to 1000-ft but it was not enough to give me the confidence to push into the wind back towards the peaks. Great story Thom.

Scrappy said...

I'll get those shots up tonight when I get home. Should be a few good ones of Thom, Rich and Jorge.

Sorry I couldn't make it by for a pool soak which I was dying for but I had some electrical work to get done.

Mad Dog said...

WOW! What a fun day & to be back at home in Hawaii flying with the crew was the best of all. Great write up Thom, I also picked the girls prison & the gaurd was happy to see me because JK landed there earlier & he now knows what Paragliders are. He knows we sink down but can't resue a damsel in destress & fly back off with them.

JK said...

Maybe the story should have been "Landing in Jail", since three of us landed out in this institution: me Mad Dog and Carlos... er Jorge. Carlos is my other Venezuelan friend (from Hood River.) Yes, I'm a knucklehead! Anyway, here is where I landed out. I don't think I get any distance awards. I will gladly take a back seat to Jorge and Mad Dog, however. The folks here watched me carefully as I packed up and hiked out past the Olomana Fire Sta., but were very pleasant. No guns or anything - just caretaker types. I climbed the fence at the gate hinge so as not cause it any damage and I think they were happy for that consideration. It's a huge field and works well if you manage to get to Olomana and find yourself denied of a thermal out. I went with the long field for wind considerations. I believe MD took the ball field to the north for fence considerations. He's the smart one. I imagined Olomana would be the for-sure thermal trigger to link me north, but not so much that day. There was lift abound, but the thermals all wound you to the back and the lift there was too much, given the cloud base. It was hard to stay in the lift and out of the white against the big terrain. Thanks for the story, Thom - although it didn't make it in time for my coffee. Work got in the way and I had to settle for afternoon tea. A FUN day, but not quite the epic conditions I've been dreaming about. Those are probably happening right this minute, after reading Bonbon's last post. I hope someone's out there breaking some rules and landing in jail (or further)!!!

Thom said...

Just so we don't loose this link of pictures taken by a free lance photographer.