Sunday, September 04, 2011

Kahana Krip

This one kinda goes along with the Makapu'u Gold story for all the chronics in our circle. The title could have been Kahana Trip, but Krip was more grabby. I guess for some a 'trip' would work too. I remember when crossing the bay was a big feat. Even some monkeys that have flown awhile seldom achieved it. Nowadays, Alex has set new records on how many times you can cross the bay in a day. So, a new wrinkle has to be rolled to get Kahana Krip.

Saturday was one of those NNE days when everyone was planning their trips to Kualoa. I arrived at Kahana with Harvey's gear, now dry, and helped him re-pack his gear which included two reserves. I guess some karma must have accrued, cause my flight today was a first for me. Yeah, yeah, Reaper, I will get you a beer.

I got to launch and actually did something very European: I cut in front of Sharky. Sorry about that; I had an itch to scratch. Alex and Duck were crossing the Kaneohe Bay to Maui Doug's Kite Spot while One-Eye and I were benching up to give it a whirl.

I followed One-Eye to Kualoa. We both thought about the Kite Spot. I don't think One-Eye had been there yet, but we decided that one pickup down there was enough for the day, so we said, let's go the other way.

One-Eye zipped in the northerly flow back to Kahana. I had taken a detour out over Chinaman's Hat. I wanted to see that view that Alex got when he took that picture from out past it. I found out later that after that picture he landed at Kualoa Park. I got to the edge and realized I was getting low and headed back to Kualoa ridge, right into the northerly flow wall. I made it and was heading to catch One-Eye.

We passed Kahana and were benching up on the Punalu'u Ridge, and One-Eye said we should try to go back to Kahana. I have never successfully done that before. OK, let's do it. For some reason, I went first. That seems to happen to me a lot. Flying over the shrimp ponds with no intention of landing there was a great feeling. I have been down there before.

I remember when One-Eye first crossed back to Kahana, Reaper promised a six pack to anyone who followed him across. One-Eye made it to the Rhino with 300'. Joey did one last week on his four hour flight, and squeaked it around at 400'. Arriving at the Rhino with 1,200' for me, was sweet and easy. Now that the list is getting longer on the Bay Crossing, this might be the new Krip to twist into your flight.

One-Eye had been flying for 5 hours, and the beverage suck at the LZ was more than he could stand. I was so happy to get that little jaunt that I benched up and headed across the Bay again. Duck said, "Thom, go to Hygienics! I will pick you up." I thought about it for a bit. It was getting late, and I had been up for almost 3 hours, so I turned back before crossing Kaaawa Valley and landed at the LZ. I had to pee!

I know the title of a future story, if we keep flying long flights like this. 'Long Flight, Depends on You'. I hope I don't have to write that one, but I am getting old. During the fold-up and de-briefing, Alex told me he crossed the bay four times. He cheated on the relieving issue, by top landing after number three to find a tree. He re-launched with Duck to go to Maui Doug's Kite Spot.

I am not sure who else crossed today but I know One-Eye and I had good flights, adding some mileage to our wings and some expansion to our bladders. Divot Steve and Harvey followed us over to Punalu'u. Divot made it to Hauula Beach Park, with no instruments and a low save; good job! Harvey went to Punaluu Beach Park, possibly cause it was near Chings Store. Hmmm!

"My name is Thom 'Sidehill' Therrien, and I am a Kahana Chronic."

"Please don't cure me!"

It's Time to Fly, You Chronics, Get Your Gear and Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mad Dog said...

Alright sidehill! nice flight for all you guys, nice report. Now I know what you mean, it went well with my coffee. Tomorrow I should shake the jet lag & no work all week long so its krip time! Keep me in mind I'll follow you anywhere

Alex said...

Thom, thanks for the timely wrapup. Sorry I wasn't able to feature you in the pictures. But I guess Bill's wing looks close enough!