Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sol Train

(No, this story will not be a musical, especially after you have heard me sing.) Friday was cooking up to be a great Kahana day. I arrived at the LZ with no one in the air, or on launch, so I figured they must have already flown away. I figured I would be flying solo, and grabbed my gear and started hiking.

A whistle and a shout from the bushes revealed Mad Dog and Harvey. Harvey had just landed. "What's up?" I asked. Harvey said that the President had just tried to make sure this was his last birthday. Good sensor readings sent them up the hill, but it had changed to very east and very strong. Alex launched but had no way to tell Harvey that it was bad and not to launch. Harvey launched to get a birthday flight in, and got flushed to the LZ on a roller coaster ride. Alex opted to land at Ching's for more than one reason.

A couple of blue cans were consumed, and it started to look better, a lot better. Alex had to leave for wifely duties, but dropped me at the trail head. I was hoping to launch without the beach dwellers knowing, but they caught on. I was up for about two minutes when chirps over the radio alerted me that they were running up.

It was awesome, light and not that easterly, smooth with a wicked high cloud base down range. This is when the Sol Train got under way. Gary and I on our Synergy 4s, Mad Dog on the Torck 2, and not much later we had FlyStrong on his Synergy 4 and then Bonkers on her Prymus. Sol took over the skies and headed down range.

Mad Dog led the charge as we surfed the bottom edge of the clouds to Punaluu. I came in low, trying to go over the back like Mad Dog and Gary, but I got flushed. I had to scratch up, but it was way worth it. The waterfalls were a sight I had never seen. I could see three ponds and falls. I thought, I've never been this high over the falls before, and tried to get a picture, but my camera was dead. I think FlyStrong got some, and hopefully my editor will do his thing. [Editors' note: yes, I will.]

We all landed in different areas: I made it to Pounders2 (the vacant lots a little ways past Pounders); Mad Dog made it to Hukilau; Gary flew to BYU; and the Birthday Boy emerged with a big smile at Pounders. He got his flight.

Duck was on retrieve again. We need to get this guy a gas card! With four stinky paraglider pilots, we headed back to the LZ. Duck made the call to Ginger and said "Honey, we are having guests for dinner, quite a few." I heard that pause and quiver in Ginger's voice, the one I used to hear from my wife. Ginger's didn't last long -- I guess she is already used to our gang.

We heard FlyStrong on the radio -- he was super high over Punaluu, stating how nice it was back there, and he didn't want to leave. He was on a photo shoot, and was waiting for Bonnie to edge on over. She made it, and landed on the smallest bit of beach just short of Haula Beach Park. Flystrong wanted to be a Chronic, so he made the journey back to Kahana, and then crossed the bay. On his way back from his bay crossing, he did provide some entertainment, and I was glad he made the beach. I would have hated to charge a Sol Brother for a wing wash. But I will let him explain this one in the comments.

Sharky was in the air and getting down on his acro. McStalker came and left, not sure why, but it was a pilot decision that should never be questioned. Okay, I gotta say it: "DUDE, you missed an awesome flight !!!!"

Duck had a heck of menu planned. Donna had picked up Joey, and they brought some filling pupus. Jim smelled the Green Egg from Makapuu, and dashed for Kahana. Gary actually drove all the way back to Manoa get Laurel. The food, as usual, was plentiful, and the stories got thicker as the wine bottles emptied. Oh, I guess this was a Birthday Party too. Happy 39th, Harvey!

We missed having the King with us but I am sure he racked up some Karma points. I think he could have made it to Turtle Bay today.

I pray for more days like this, in closing …

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear & SOuL and Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Duck said...

I am always glad to chase if I can't fly! I had just pulled into KNA when you all landed and it was no biggie to pick you all up. Thanks to everyone who came over for pu'pu's. Happy 39th Harvey!